12+ things I did and I learnt in 2015 – Year review in pictures

Hello there, new year! Let’s do this together ūüôā
I wish you all, my amazing readers, to have enough of everything that makes you happy during the new year. To myself I wish to be a little bit better in everything I do. Let’s have a fabulous 2016!

At the beginning of this new calendar page, I’m taking the time to review the past 12 months. For me 2015 was a great year, full of adventures, love and many precious¬†moments. There were a few losses, which left a deep mark in me, but made me stronger and more appreciative for¬†the good.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - January review in pictures

January 2015

I discovered that Matcha Green Tea makes a great smoothie and green latte. After visiting a number of wedding shows and catwalks, I designed my dream wedding dress. Knowing exactly what I wanted made my first visit at the tailor a whole lot easier.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - February review in pictures

February 2015

I had amazing fun during Pure London and London Fashion Week in February. I organised a tea party & photo shoot with fashion bloggers, MUA and stylists, fashion designers. I learnt that when you have great ideas and you work hard, you can achieve everything you’ve dreamed of!

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - March review in pictures

March 2015

Sometimes researching for the latest organic skincare and fashion trends might be a lot of work, but meeting the amazing creative people who drive the industry and shape our choices in the shops is a great reward.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - April review in pictures

April 2015

April is a great time for shopping in London. Shops aren’t as busy, whilst high street brands run very tempting promotions and host¬†fun events. I stocked up on a bit too much AEO denim.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - May review in pictures

May 2015

I’ve always loved good jewellery, but I found it incredibly difficult to choose only one winner, when I was invited as a judge for the Graduate in the Spotlight contest at Nude Jewellery.

Also, I never suspected how many fit people were in London, but Be: Fit London introduced some amazing products to my daily healthy routine.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - June review in pictures

June 2015

I found my favourite ¬†hair salon to date in London and I learnt that it’s never too early to start using collagen products for your face. The best holiday selfies from abroad are shared with Three.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - July review in pictures

July 2015

I learnt¬†a lot about the history and the making of shoes at the V&A exhibition. I¬†found that there is no point to stress out about the wedding preparations – it’s more important to enjoy the process and look forward to the event.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - August review in pictures

August 2015

I found that it’s amazing to be married to the One¬†for you. You know how many people say that marriage doesn’t change anything – Yes,¬†it does! It makes the relationship stronger!

I accepted that even if not everyone could make it to our Big day, the most important people would be there.

Another very important discovery: LiLash works!

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - September review in pictures

September 2015

London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend are iconic institutions even if their location changes.

My article about Jean-Pierre Braganza was published on LFWend official website and I was nominated as one of the Top 10 LFWend bloggers!

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - October review in pictures

October 2015

Tea, whiskey and home cooked food¬†– October is a month to enjoy the seasonal transition. Add a few warm layers of clothing and London’s museums and galleries are full of adventures.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - November review in pictures

November 2015

I discovered and tested some of the most amazing organic products for hair, face and body. I also learnt that you can add vegan-friendly protein with your favourite spice straight to your meals and make them more delicious.

12+ things I did and learnt in 2015 - December review in pictures

December 2015

I enjoyed reading the¬†I Am Malala book and getting to know the author’s inspirational story.¬†My husband and I travelled through 8 European countries in 7 days and I officially became a pro driving navigator.


It’s always good to have a quiet moment and¬†have a look back – to learn from the mistakes of the past and to appreciate the good.

I hope you all have a blessed year ahead!