How to throw a 1920’s Gatsby party – tips for organising

Planning to throw a party but still unsure about theme? How about you give a 1920’s party a try! “But how is it ever going to be possible? It’s too much,” you say. Well, this is going to change! Relax, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, you will find ideas on how to throw a 1920’s party, with tips on everything from choosing a fantastic venue, and menu, all the way to selecting the perfect 1920s fancy dress costume. So are you ready to don the hat of the Great Gatsby?

The party venue

Let’s start with the venue first. While your home can be as good an option to host the 1920s party, you could also try hosting it at a jazz bar. Or else, you could just host it in your basement. That would not only sync with the theme but will also save you couple of bucks. If you have an apartment with exposed bricks, it can turn out to be just as suitable.

An apartment with a brick wall can make a great Gatsby party venue

The Great Gatsby décor

The particulars of your décor will depend on which kind of 1920s party you are hosting. Speakeasies were dim, smoky places with an intimate feel whilst garden parties lend themselves well to a light and airy setting. No matter which way your party theme goes, there are a few essential décor items you can use to give your party space a healthy dose of the decade. Mason jars, candles, champagne glasses, empty bottles of gin or champagne, strings of pearls, peacock feathers, and twinkle lights are some of the essentials you ought to have in your party.

You can use empty bottles as candle holders. Add some extra shimmer by adding strings of pearls on chandeliers and empty wine bottles. Placing tea lights in empty champagne glasses can be a beautiful addition to the ambience.

Pearls and flowers decor

Food and drink

For a decade that focused either on surviving the war time curbed in the shackles of debt and depression or leading a life of luxury and over spending, anything in the food menu is possible. Be it appetizer bites to full plated dinners, determined by the amount of historical accuracy you wish to have at your party. For drinks, nothing can beat Gin, Cocktails or Champagne.


Anything is good as long as it resonates with the 20s theme. Try putting on electro-swing, Ruth Etting, Jazz or Big Band Swing Music. You should also play soundtracks of The Great Gatsby Film and The Midnight in Paris. That’d do the trick! Still stuck? Use this amazing 1920s Party playlist.

Activities and fun

If you’re hosting a Gatsby night, 1920s costumes are a must! Men can look amazing in their Zootsuit, Pinstripe or Gangster costumes, whilst women can show off their 1920s style in a fantastic flapper or Gatsby style outfit. What better way to get everyone in the mood for a 1920s life?

Want to add a little extra excitement to your party? Establish a few tables around your party space with various games. Dominos, Yahtzee, and Bunco were games that gained fame in the 20s. Card games such as poker, black jack or Canasta are perfect for this theme too.

Hosting a day garden party? Conduct a round of bocce ball in your backyard and serve the guests some mint juleps.
Create a photo booth with some crazy 1920s props easily available online.

Oh! This is an important one, Murder Mystery Games. Let’s face it no 1920s party is complete without these. There are loads of mystery games to play.

These are the tips and ideas on how to throw a 1920’s party. Lastly, what you’d like to give away would be printing out pages from the book ‘The Great Gatsby’ and doing an activity around it. Probably you could have an act around it or just a reading of some of the popular chapters. This can make the party quite engaging. Here’s wishing all the best for a fine 1920’s party!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.



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