4 simple ways to give your garden a spring makeover

With spring now officially sprung, it’s the perfect time to give your garden a makeover and ensure it’s looking its best for the warmer weather and longer days. The good news is, you don’t have to spend lots of time and money whipping your outdoor area into shape. A few simple changes could transform your garden and give it a new lease of life. Here are four simple tips to get you started.

Add some magic with outdoor lights

With so many outdoor lighting options now available, why not give your garden some added sparkle after sundown? Introducing illuminations to areas such as your patio and pathways can create stunning effects and it makes your garden a much more welcoming place in the evenings.

Solar or battery powered LED lights are a great choice because you don’t have to worry about plugging them into the mains. For example, PK Green’s LED candles could make an imaginative finishing touch in your outdoor space. You might like the look of glass lantern holders complete with LED tealights. These simple but striking accessories are ideal for hanging from tree branches or wall hooks, and for placing on walls, tables and other surfaces. They bring an intimate, cosy glow to gardens. Meanwhile, if you have a pond, coloured floating tealights can give your garden instant personality and flair.

Refresh your garden furniture

If your garden furniture has seen better days, you could take the opportunity to give it a facelift. With a spare few hours and some basic supplies, you should be able to work wonders on any seating and tables. A thorough wipe down could be enough to reinvigorate plastic furnishings, while some sandpaper and a little elbow grease could help you refresh wooden tables or chairs. Consider completing the effect with an attractive timber stain. You might also want to give your garden tubs and trellises the same treatment.

Get your greenery in shape

Spring is the ideal time to remove weeds. They will have started to show themselves but they won’t be as well-established and difficult to remove as they are when summer rolls around. You should be able to remove pests like docks and dandelions fairly easily by hand, but you might want to consider using targeted weed killers on more stubborn offenders.

April’s often the best month to reseed bare patches in lawns, so if your grass is looking a little worse for wear, it’s worth investing in some seeds now. You could also add some vibrant new flowering plants to your containers and borders to give your garden plenty of colour. Violas, pansies and rhododendron are great examples.

Invite nature in your garden with a birdfeer

Invite nature back in

Love the sound of birdsong? Enjoy seeing your green space alive with bees and butterflies? There are some simple things you can do to invite nature back into your garden as the weather warms up. For example, you could hang birdfeeders – and why not go a step further and add a cute bird house too?

Certain plants are great for attracting wildlife as well. By including things like foxgloves, thyme, honeysuckle, sunflowers, rowan, firethorn and lavender in your garden, you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of winged visitors over the coming months.

Of course, from re-landscaping to adding new decking, there are more dramatic changes you can make to your garden. But if you’re looking for quick and inexpensive ways to improve your outdoor patch this spring, these four suggestions are a great place to start.



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