4 thirty plus approved face masks

With such a variety of face masks available nowadays, there is no better time to pamper yourself. After crossing the other side of 30, I realised that it’s not the signs of ageing that show on our faces, but it’s the signs of our lifestyle. You can still look young and healthy, as long as you’re active, eat well and keep your body hydrated.

In addition to all that, comes the powerful tool of applying a layer of healthy treatment every now and then. These are my top 4 face masks that you can find in my beauty cabinet at all times – simply because they are amazing on my skin.

Gold Collagen hydrogel mask

I have often written on this blog about the benefits of collagen. It’s a vital protein that makes up to 70% of our skin. Women have more collagen in their muscles than men and that makes us able to stretch more and be better in yoga. Collagen prevents our skin from cracking and getting wrinkles. I recommend you do a 30-day program of Gold Collagen at least once a year, or more depending on how you feel.

The hydrogel mask is my ultimate pick-me-up choice for the days when I feel and look tired. It requires 20-40 minutes application time, but soaks the skin so well in goodness leaving it refreshed, smooth and feeling healthy again. You can read my full review of the Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask. Since I reviewed it for the blog, I keep restocking because I don’t want to run out of it.. ever!

Price (for a pack of four):
Gold Collagen official website£19.99

Gold Collagen hydrogel mask

Replen 10 wrinkle reducing face mask

The Replen 10 wrinkle reducing face mask is another super powerful treatment you can enjoy at home. To be honest with you – I use it on my mum, whenever she’s up for a little pampering on her days off. We have a little ritual when I let her cleanse her face and get herself comfortable on the sofa. I put on Bossa Nova jazz to help her relax and close her eyes. The only challenge is that she needs to stay still for 30 minutes and let the collagen do its work.

I use the small masks for myself – read full reviews of Replen 10 lip and eye masks and Wrinkle reducing collagen powder. The full size face masks work on all areas at the same time and I know my mum needs them too, as she doesn’t often follow a full skincare regime. The mask itself has a thick layer in golden colour that wraps around the whole face. There is a soft gentle scent and lots of liquid serum that works on the skin for 30 minutes to make it smooth, hydrated, to bring back its elasticity and youthful look. Any excess serum left from the mask can be applied over the face and left to dry in.

Price (for a pack of three):
Pasante – £19.99

Replen 10 wrinkle reducing face mask - box of 3 Replen 10 wrinkle reducing face mask - gold collagen mask

Ohh-arr face masks

A real joy for me is to use the Ohh-arr masks, developed by Amphora Aromatics – the UK’s biggest supplier of pure essential oils whose products I’ve been using through the years. Coming in cute vintage inspired packages, these masks are perfect to cleanse the skin on the go and they hit the shop shelves at very affordable prices. Each mask is enough to use twice or share with a girlfriend.

Two of the face masks are clay based and one is a cream mask. Clay is known to naturally draw out sebum and is a good anti-oxidant. The general rule is that you apply the mask for 10-15 minutes to form a dry layer which then needs to be washed out thoroughly. The face masks are full of natural ingredients and essential oils and smell absolutely amazing! Enriched with vitamins they not only purify the pores, but leave the skin smooth, hydrated and well protected.

Price (each):
Ohh-arr website – £1.20
Amphora Aromatics – £1.20

Ohh-arr face masks

Exuviance clay masque and Microdermabrasion polish

You just have to love a good clay mask. I have no idea how I ended up with these two sample size products from Exuviance, but I found they work very well combined together.

I usually use both of the products a few days apart. I start with the Triple Microdermabrasion polish to cleanse the face. It has a lovely citrus scent and you only need a small amount to rub onto the skin. Using very fine crystals it gently removes the dead skin cells and leaves a brighter complexion, ready for my favourite face oil.

A couple of days later after the face polish, I like to apply the Purifying clay masque. It gets rid of all impurities and draws out oils from the pores. As you apply, you may feel a little minty tickle on the skin, but it feels so refreshing – especially on a hot summers day (on a beach holiday, obviously, not during the British summer).

Price (for full size tube):
Triple Microdermabrasion polish on Amazon – £35.99 for 75 g
Purifying Clay mask on Amazon£29.99 for for 50 g

Exuviance clay mask and Microdermabrasion polish

When to apply?

We all are generally busy with our lives and sometimes the last thing we remember to do is a face mask. The reality is if we don’t make the time to treat ourselves, we’ll never have it!

You don’t need to use face masks more than once a week or even once a fortnight, but the benefits to the skin are totally worth it.

If it’s a clay or a peel-off mask that only takes 10-15 minutes to stay on, I put it on my face before I go for a shower, then I do random stuff like cleaning the cat litter or washing up the dishes. The good thing about these masks is that you don’t need to be completely inactive and you can get on with your daily activities at home.

The collagen hydrating face masks require a little more dedication of about 30 minutes. Whenever there is a quiet weekend for me and my mum, we know it’s our time for a treat and we enjoy it together. The best part is taking before and after pictures to compare the results which gives us a reason to do it again 🙂


Have you tried any of these masks? Are there any other masks you’d like me to review?
Please, let me know in the comments section below.



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