7 brilliant ideas for choosing the perfect wedding photographer

Wedding photographs are something you cherish for a lifetime. Choosing and hiring a perfect wedding photographer for your “most special” day is the most important thing. With so many photographers on the market, it becomes very difficult to choose the perfect one for your wedding.

A lot of thought goes into the process of zeroing down the photographer that you want to entrust with your wedding photographs. The wedding photographer should understand the importance of the day in your life and try to capture the moments in their true emotions flawlessly.

A wedding photographer costs a fortune which takes a major part of your wedding budget. If you are investing so much in it, it is only fair to expect to get the best photographs.

The gorgeous landscapes of Scotland make for a beautiful background for your wedding and you have no choice but to go for a photographer who does total justice to the beauty of the ceremony. We understand that there are numerous wedding photographers in Edinburgh and we are here to your rescue.

Here are 7 brilliant ideas for selecting your dream wedding photographer…

Start your quest immediately

All the best wedding photographers are flooded with offers and get booked in advance. As soon as “the question” is popped and you get engaged, start hunting for “the” photographer. Get yourself appointments with the best photographers, do the meetings, and book the one you like the most.

Wedding photographer in action

Photo credit: A Practical Wedding

Have a careful look at their portfolio

The photographer’s work speaks more than him/her. When you are meeting up with the photographer, make sure you have a thorough look at their previous work. Understand if their work resonates with your personality. It is immensely important to look at the wedding shoots done by them to get an idea about their work.

Wedding photographer portfolio

Photo credit: Iris Art Photography

Ask all the questions you should ask

Asking the right questions in your meeting with the photographers is extremely important. Don’t be hesitant; clear any doubts or questions that you have in mind:

  • Ask them about their style.
  • Ask them how many weddings they do in a year.
  • Ask them how much they edit the pictures.
  • Ask them all about their packages.
Wedding photo shoot

Photo credit: Proud Photography

Meet many photographers and then narrow your choice

You might like the first photographer you interview very much and want to go with him/her, but wait. Finalising the photographer for your wedding is very important and you should meet many photographers and see their work before you arrive at a decision. You never know which photographer clicks with your idea of “the photographer”.

Wedding toast

Photo credit: Iris Art Photography

Try to know the wedding photographer’s personality

An individual’s personality affects his/her craft. While you are interviewing the individual, observe them with a critical eye. You will want to go with the person who understands how important the event is for you. You have to go with a person whose personality appeals to you the most, as that is going to reflect in your pictures.

Wedding photographers in Edinburgh

Photo credit: Iris Art Photography

Make sure your photographer abides by professionalism

The photographer is going to be omnipresent at your wedding in order to capture every moment. Now, you wouldn’t want him/her to bother you. This is the reason you should make sure that she/he works in a professional manner. If you happen to know any of his/her previous clients, having a word with them will give you great insights.

Wedding photographer creativity

Photo credit: Iris Art Photography

Try to gauge the photographer’s creativity

A wedding gives the photographer so many chances to be creative with several objects and emotions, and you have to be sure that your photographer doesn’t miss a chance. You have to measure his/her creativity; this is necessary. Ask the photographer what new and fresh he can bring to your photo album. Ask them about what creative ideas they have in mind for the occasion.

Creative wedding photographer

Photo credit: Iris Art Photography

There….. You are now fully equipped to choose your ideal wedding photographer. If you are not yet engaged, this will come in handy once you do get engaged and plan your wedding. And if you have already gone down on the knees or have said “yes”, what are you, guys, doing here? Go get your wedding photographer before he/she gets booked.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post and the author’s views here do not necessarily reflect those of the blog owner.



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