A walk around the Olympic Stadium

{Monday LOTD Post}

Isn’t it funny?! I wore this lace dress with leggings and a fabric jacket on 15 February. I wore it this weekend on 15 June: with leggings and a leather jacket.

I couldn’t make any pictures this weekend, so I decided to post the older outfit which I didn’t put on my blog before.

Living so close to the Olympic stadium makes me want to be a tourist sometimes and walk along the canal, look above the roof tops and see that huge metal object which looks like a space ship which landed here in the block. Workers are building and already finalizing the new park – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It’s looking so pretty and I can’t wait until they open it for the public. There are so many different events to happen. Have a look at the website of No Ordinary Park 🙂


I love lace and all type of feminine fabrics. I love skirts and dresses, but I’d prefer to pair them with contrasting colours, quirky heavy boots… I like creating that contrast between very girly look and some urban East London styling.


Outfit Items:
Cream Lace Dress from Next
Boots from ASOS
Jacket from Bershka
Boutique Handbag
Boutique Scarf
Necklace from Primark (I bought it about 2 years ago, before I found out the real story about Primark. I haven’t been in that shop ever since.)