“…And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Corinthians 13:13




A woman, creative director, entrepreneur, passionate graphic designer, fashion & lifestyle blogger, Londoner, dreamer, creator, proud Bulgarian.


My name is Lubka Henry. Lubka in Bulgarian stands for “love” and I’m in love with life – with its little precious moments, its challenges, lessons and opportunities. I’m a city girl who loves to explore the world, to work hard and to take time off with her beloved ones. I find freedom through fashion, but I care about nature. I find inspiration in the every day and I travel often. I take many challenges and sometimes find myself in places I was too scared to dream of.

I have a Master degree in Computer Science and have been doing graphic design and marketing for more than 12 years. I moved to London in 2010 and have been running my own business – Loop Design ever since.  I started this blog to create a place for myself to talk about daily things, to express my thoughts and opinion on what matters to me. With the time it developed into a hub where I meet people, make friends and share my journey.

On this blog I will try to inspire you with Balkan creativity, show you how to drink rakia and cook some alien dishes, whilst staying fit. I will try to engage you in discussions about various topics and introduce you to the designers I meet. As an online shopping enthusiast, I will publish my personal looks and the latest fashion must-haves or secret sales. I will keep you posted on design or marketing tips and some of my creative projects. You will also find different good causes I get involved with and ways you can help.

I hope you enjoy a sneak into my world :)

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    Inspiring brands

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    Fellow Bloggers

    If you’re a blogger interesting in collaboration, please get in touch. I love meeting and working on creative projects with other fellow bloggers.