AEO Shopping Experience

I’ve always had a crush on American Eagle Outfitters – from when I was in my late teens, and shopping online from Bulgaria was considered a luxury. I used to admire the casual clothes on the AEO website, always styled perfectly in lookbooks which were my inspiration for the longest time. I’ve been dreaming that one day I will be able to walk into their shop and try on some of those lovely everyday garments and look super cool in them.

You can imagine my excitement when they opened doors to their first store in the UK! Even more when they became one of the brands for the first photoshoot I organized with fellow bloggers. I can honestly say that this was one of the most exciting events I have organized and taken part in. Now I’d like to share with you my experience shopping in AEO store at Westfield Stratford.


If I continue going to the shop on a weekly basis, I will probably know all the staff by their names soon – which isn’t that bad, because they are all so nice and helpful. I already packed away a couple of pairs of jeans, sport leggings, lots of undies, tops and so much more, yet it never feels like enough. As a fellow blogger Jackie from America already told me: “Their jeans are so comfy, that you’ll get addicted!”

Store in Westfield Stratford

The store has opened on the highest floor of Westfield Stratford and has two inner floors – one for the ladies and one for the guys. Last week they had a popup shop on the ground floor. When my fiance and I went out for a shop scroll (he wasn’t inspired to do any shopping on that day at all), we first stopped there. I was so pleasantly surprised to see one of my Instagram photos featured on their Denim Wall of Fame, randomly displayed together with the shots from the photo shoot I organized with the blogging girls at the tea party. I was over the moon to see how my efforts have been noticed by the marketing team and included in the set.

Shopping Experience

After this we headed upstairs to the main store – just an innocent walk, I promised. We weren’t going to buy anything! As soon as we walked through the door, we heard some cool tunes being mixed live by a DJ. I think the tunes set the mood so well, that I made my fiance try a pair of super skinny jeans. He thought he would never wear anything like this, but… well, let’s just say that after he performed a little dance in front of the fitting room, we both left with a pair of skinnies!

AEO Shopping Experience AEO Shopping Experience AEO Shopping Experience AEO Shopping Experience AEO Shopping Experience AEO Shopping Experience AEO Shopping Experience

If you haven’t been to the AEO store in Westfield yet, you’re missing out big time! You need to go there right now and try on some denim. They’ve got jeans literally for everyone, any fit, any size, length and cut – and once you find your size and pair, they fit like a glove!