And the winner is…

I’m so happy to announce the winner of my first competition for the Jasper Necklace Giveaway!

Sina Steck receives this beautiful necklace from Royal Crafts.

If you’ve missed your chance or didn’t win, please visit the Facebook page and I’m sure you’ll find some of her amazing hand-made pieces which you can order straight from their designer.

You can also read the interview with the artist Detelina which stays behind the project or see the Royal Cats which she rescues with the profit from the jewelry she makes. I think it’s always great when you know that buying a piece for your collection, you’ll also help someone in need.

I arranged the giveaway to finish today – when I get back from my super long holiday. I just came back after 5 weeks spent in my home country – Bulgaria. The time wasn’t fully enough to do everything I wanted, but I managed to do some very important bits: visited a jazz event in the mountain; partied on the beach and met my friends from the place I graduated university; stayed with my parents for a while; spent some valuable time in the dentist; visited a close friend in Sofia; went for the first time inside a vet clinic together with Detelina; danced on a friend’s wedding; continued my research on the Bulgarian embroidery only to find out that it’s more difficult than I thought… and so on and so on.

I will be writing shortly about lots of the things I saw and experienced! 🙂

Thank you for passing by my blog and reading.

How did you spent your summer? I hope you had some fun no matter where you’ve been!