Three surprising pieces from the athleisure fashion trend

Athleisure is one of the newest and most popular trends in the world of fashion. It hooks into the current vogue for health and fitness, with an estimated 15% of the UK population having a gym membership at any one time. Athleisure wear helps the health conscious tie their enthusiasm to their public identity, and proudly signal their gym bunny status.

The Athleisure trend

This trend has birthed spins on traditional exercise wear with a touch of fashion’s class, reinventing leggings in Cashmere and hoodies as a fashion item. It’s also created some items that show just how far the trend can be pushed, that perhaps aren’t everyone who’s comfortable in the Athleisure look.

The Gypsy Spot nylon jacket - Athleisure fashion trend

The Gypsy Spot nylon jacket

This piece skews heavily towards the practical side of the athleisure trend: this is a jacket you can wear out on a run that’ll keep you cool and dry however much you push yourself. However, it’s designed with zips and straps that allow you store it as a cross body bag, rather than the traditional style of tying it around your waist. This choice leaves the jacket looking awkwardly ‘strappy’, caught between two worlds.

The Cotton On ‘Get Puffed’ vest - Athleisure fashion trend

The Cotton On ‘Get Puffed’ vest

Another very practical looking piece, this is something you could pair with more athletic clothing to wear to the gym, or wear open for a more casual yet upmarket look. The puffed out design and inclusion of a hood give this a really unique look that you need to make sure you are making your own – not the other way around.

Beyonce’s Ivy Park line

If it’s a surprise that Beyonce leapt on to the Athleisure trend and made it a huge success, for her and for the movement at large, it shouldn’t be. A line of clothes that allow her to emphasise strength, comfort and fashion are a perfect fit. Ivy Park has been modeled in gyms, and sports halls, grounding the fashion in the places it came from, while emphasising that this is a cut above standard exercise wear. It definitely hits the fashion end of the scale, being of bold choices and strong branding that tie every piece to the Ivy Park line.

With so much variety in what falls into the Athleisure trend, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, on trend, and ready to go from the couch to 5k.



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