How to have a beautiful registry office wedding – five tips

There are plenty of reasons why you might decide to have a registry office wedding. Perhaps you want to keep your ceremony small and intimate, or maybe you’re on a tight budget and need to save for your honeymoon. Whatever your reasons, rest assured that the humble registry office is a popular alternative to the church, especially for those who aren’t religious.

If you can’t find that perfect venue or the costs are quickly racking up, exchanging vows at the local registry office is a sensible choice, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Here are five tips to help you plan the registry office wedding of your dreams.

tips for a beautiful registry office wedding

Find a stunning reception venue

The great thing about getting married at a registry office is that you’ll have more money to spend on a glamorous reception. For Better For Worse offers some stunning wedding venues in London and other major cities around the world, where you can toast to married life and celebrate with family and friends. If you’re strapped for cash, consider making homemade decorations and asking guests to bring a dish for the buffet table.

Keep the registry office personal

The number of guests you’re able to have at your wedding will depend on the size of the registry office and the room you’ve hired, but you won’t normally be able to have more than 25-30 people at your ceremony. Instead of fretting over who you’ll be missed out, see this as an opportunity to gather with your close friends and family on your special day. Alternatively, if you want it to be truly intimate, you can just have you, your partner and a couple of witnesses; there will be plenty of time to celebrate with loved ones at your reception.

my wedding dress

Wear what makes you happy

Most brides prefer to wear something a little more casual for a registry office wedding, but that’s not to say you should dismiss the traditional wedding dress if that’s what you want. The beauty of a low-key ceremony is there’s no pressure to conform to wedding traditions unless you want to, but don’t let that take away from your enjoyment of the day. Whether you want to get married in a white gown with all the trimmings or a vintage pantsuit, your wedding is one occasion where you can truly make your own decisions without having to worry about what other people think.

Catering for a wedding reception

Focus on smaller details

Ask your registry office whether you can bring flowers and decorations into the room or serve champagne at your ceremony. These days, you can tailor most registry office weddings to your individual tastes, though you should bear in mind that there’s likely to be several weddings that day, so it’s best to avoid intricate decorations that are difficult to put up or take down.

If you do decide to get married at your local registry office, contact the registrar in your district by getting in touch with your local council. Once you’ve booked your wedding ceremony and paid the fee, you will then need to declare your intention to marry at least 28 days before the wedding. After that, it’s down to you to exchange vows, raise a glass, and enjoy the rest of your lives together.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.



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