Bedroom decor & duvet cover ideas for a better sleep

We often leave the bedroom to last and sometimes even ignore it decoratively, whilst it should be the exact opposite. This is the place where we recharge.

If last year felt a bit stressful and you’ve pledged to take it easier in the new year, let me inspire you to get a better night’s sleep with these stylish bedroom decor ideas…

Lorenzo Castillos seaside Spanish villa canopy bed

Bedroom design in seaside Spanish villa by Lorenzo Castillos

Utilize the space

Don’t look at your bedroom just as the room where you go to sleep at the end of a long day. It’s the perfect setting for so many other activities: to daydream, to relax, to read a book with your favourite cup of tea, to enjoy a home beauty treatment or just to escape from the world. Spice up the space with a cozy seating nook, curtained canopy bed, dressing table, or a contemporary concrete wall, and you are going to enjoy more quality time in your own boudoir.

Colour palette

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colour pallete of your bedroom decor. If you always go for one safe colour, your bedroom may end up looking a bit plain. Instead, choose one or two basic tones and an accent colour. You can use different shades of the basic tones to create a canvas and let the room accessories and duvet covers in your favourite hues stand out more.

White is a good base tone. Mix it with natural wood, cream, blue or even darker rustic shades to create the canvas. Then layer up your bedding with an accent in green, turquoise, burgundy or anything that makes you happy. If prints are your thing, then use the same colour rule, but layer prints on prints for a more cozy look.

Kashmir quilt set - Yorkshire linen

Kashmir quilt set – Yorkshire linen

Paloma Ocean quilt cover - Sheridan Australia

Paloma Ocean quilt cover – Sheridan Australia

Lille Gold quilt set - Yorkshire linen

Lille Gold quilt set – Yorkshire linen

Duvet covers

What’s on your bed makes all the difference and completes the look of your bedroom. A beautiful duvet cover not only makes the room more cozy, but keeps you snug and warm at night. Find the best size and fit for your bed in Yorkshire Linen collections (king size & others) or Sheridan Australia’s sets.

It’s always a good idea to invest in a quality brand to ensure the colours of your bedding don’t fade after a few washes.

Dressing table set - Costwold Company

Dressing table set – Costwold Company



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