Belly support during pregnancy with Belly Bandit

With pregnancy and all of its excitement come the inevitable body changes. It’s quite remarkable what our bodies are designed to do and how they go through the whole transformation process.

I remember a picture a friend of mine posted of her tummy on the 8th day after labour. Her abs were prominent and right back to where they should be. She moved to the USA a few years ago with her husband and have been doing belly dancing ever since. (Now if K. is reading this, she must be laughing!) She’s been quite fit since our university years, but seriously?!… the way she snapped back in shape was beyond me! Well, obviously I had to ask her how did she do it. Her reply consisted of only two magical words: Belly Bandit!!

I remembered that name and as soon as I saw my positive pregnancy test, I googled it.

What is Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit is an American brand driven by women. Each product is designed and made in the USA after thorough research in order to give the best to expecting moms. They offer products in two main categories – maternity support and post-labour shapewear.

I didn’t want to wait until I give birth to get in shape. I wanted to keep myself in the best condition possible during the 9 months of pregnancy, so the work I need to do afterwards would be easier for me. I can’t tell you how happy I was to discover that Belly Bandit had an official UK distributor.

After a few hours spent on the website, reading and learning about all the different types of products, I made my first purchase.

Belly Bandit - packaging Belly Bandit - flatlay: Flawless Belly and Belly Boost


Belly Boost

“Think of it as child support for your belly.”

My absolutely favourite product at the moment is the Belly Boost. I started wearing it somewhere towards the end of the 3rd month and now that I’m in the 5th month I really can’t go anywhere without it. It’s an undergarment that you wear straight over the skin. Here are a few of the reasons I wear it almost every day:

  • It’s breathable and lightweight. Once it’s on, no one knows you’re wearing it.
  • It’s designed to give support on the back and right at the belly bottom, so the lower abs don’t have to take all the weight.
  • The knitted design allows it to stretch with the shape of the belly without pressing where it shouldn’t.
  • It helps fighting stretch marks by its WonderWeave fabric, which keeps the lotion on the skin and away from the clothes.

Tips: There is no need to wait for the body lotion to dry – you can put Belly Boost immediately, as it does’t soak the cream. I find it easier to put it on from the legs up as my belly is getting on the way now.

Price: £24.95

Bonus: comes with a 50ml Palmer’s stretch mark lotion

Belly Bandit - front of Belly Boost in beige

Front of Belly Boost in beige, by Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit - back of Belly Boost in beige

Back of Belly Boost in beige, by Belly Bandit


Flawless Belly

“Just because you’re expecting, doesn’t mean you have to expect stretch marks.”

Although I ordered the same size from both products, the Flawless Belly feels a lit bit larger. Two months ago it was too loose, but now its time has come. It’s not meant to support or boost the belly as the other product, but it still has a special knit on the back to keep things tight. A few of the reasons I’m loving it:

  • It’s longer and keeps me warm during the cold winter days.
  • It can be worn straight onto the skin to keep the lotion locked in – due to the WonderWeave fabric.
  • It can be layered under your favourite tops, even if they are getting a bit short, and your belly won’t be exposed.
  • The ruffled front design gives it tailored look and stretches with the growing belly.
  • Soft, lightweight and very comfortable to wear day and night.

Tips: Again, you can put on body lotion and wear Flawless Belly right on the skin to keep the moisture in.

Price: £49.96

Bonus: though it doesn’t say it on the website, it also comes with a 50ml Palmer’s stretch mark lotion

Belly Bandit - Flawless Belly in black

Flawless Belly in black, by Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit - back detail of Flawless Belly in black

Back detail of Flawless Belly in black, by Belly Bandit


Anti stretch marks lotions

I’m a firm believer that if you wait for the stretch marks to appear, by that time it would be too late to moisturise. I had friends laughing at me when I told them I was using body lotion from the first month of pregnancy. I wanted to build in good essential oils in the deep layers of the skin from the early days.

I always moisturise my body after I take a shower, but with pregnancy I added a thicker coconut oil around the belly. From the 4th month I started using the Stretch Marks Lotion from Palmer’s and I’m loving it. It’s a mixture of shea butter, argan oil, almond oil, collagen and elastin. I’m loving its scent and how it keeps my skin super soft.

So far I don’t have any stretch marks, but it’s only the early days. I will let you know how it all goes when baby gets bigger! 🙂



The fact that there is a UK website for Belly Bandit is great, because it sometimes takes too long to have goodies delivered from the USA and usually there are import duties and taxes. The UK website offers free standard delivery to the UK. They also have standard shipping to all EU countries for only £3 (and because it’s EU there are no import duties).

If you’re expecting a baby or have a friend who is, I recommend you check out Belly Bandit. I can’t tell you how much I’m loving my two warm layers and soon will be ordering some more of their lovely maternity clothing.



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