Body Slim Tea Australia

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I started drinking the BST detox green tea. It’s been about a week now and I would like to share with you my impressions so far.

Green tea is considered to be one of the best body detox and fat-burning ingredients. You can find green tea in any natural products for body builders. It gives you a boost of energy without adding caffeine and helps you get rid of toxins.

Myths about green tea: lots of people expect that drinking green tea on its own, would automatically make them slim. It doesn’t work like that! You need to be exercising, to be active and the green tea increases your metabolism which works for a quicker fat burn, if you’re already on this path.

Body Slim Tea Australia, Product Review and Discount Code - The Blog of one

Why I’m drinking green tea? Before my mum gets worried that I’m getting skinnier again – don’t worry, mum! :))
I’m trying to get a bit more defined. In other words: I’m lifting a bit of weights, just enough to keep my muscles toned and I want to burn a bit of those fat cells under my skin. I eat a healthy diet of proteins, lots of minerals, fibers and a bit of good fats and carbs. I’d like to burn the left over cellulite from my too-skinny-stage in the past. Yes, when you strive to be too skinny without exercising and you don’t have a well-balanced diet, your body actually eats its own muscles, but stores fat cells. Unpleasant indeed.

Body Slim Tea Australia, Product Review and Discount Code - The Blog of one

Body Slim Tea is an Australian company who has created a weight loss tea program. Their green tea is a natural blend of organic herbs which is made to give a boost of energy in the morning and detox your body during the day.

Benefits from BDT Australia:

  • reduces bloating
  • keeps you ‘regular’
  • calms the tummy to help with painful cramping
  • great for weight loss
  • gets rid of nasty toxins that cause additional fat storage
  • speeds up metabolism
  • relieves constipation
  • immune booster (super high in antioxidants)
  • suppresses sweet cravings and overall appetite
  • improves sleep
  • great for general healthy and well being
  • increases energy levels

Body Slim Tea Australia, Product Review and Discount Code - The Blog of one

Taste: when I tried my first cup of BST in the morning, the mild flavour reminded me of herbs. Normally, I really don’t like the taste of green teas (and I’ve tried quite a few), but this one just tastes of nice herbs and you can easily drink it clean. I added a spoon of honey just in case, but in my later cups, I started drinking it pure.

Body Slim Tea Australia, Product Review and Discount Code - The Blog of one

How it’s affecting me: it’s early to say about the fat burn. Not sure about the bloating, because I started taking it in my monthly default bloated time, but this month I didn’t feel my regular stomach pain, which was a big relief. It definitely speeds up the metabolism – I can fell that in my temperature, eating and exercising routine.

My workout routine: I tend to do different exercises every day – arms and upper body one day, core stability the other day, legs and bottom the next one.

Overall opinion: I’m very pleased with the BST so far and I’ll keep on drinking it. I’ll post more about it later.

How you can purchase: if you want to try it yourself, there is still time for that bikini body. Head to their website – Body Slim Tea Au and purchase a 14-day pack or any other. They ship world wide.
I asked the team if they can give me a discount code for my readers and here you go: use LUCH013 at the checkout, it will give you $5 off from both of the detox plans. Ends on 15 July.

Let me know if you got from the BST and what you think of it. It would be nice to compare how it works. 🙂