Boutique by Sainsbury’s – affordable makeup range for all women

I’m excited to share this new beauty range with you – Boutique by Sainsbury’s. I’ve been preparing this review for a long time, but life and pregnancy got in the way.

Boutique by Sainsbury’s

It’s not often we see a supermarket chain developing their own high quality beauty range, but Sainsbury’s did a great job this time. Boutique hits the shelves with very affordable prices, yet the quality exceeds the expectations. Developed by makeup artists Jo Saville and Sophia Price, the beauty range offers long-lasting formulas with high pigmentation in a wide variety of colours for all skin tones.

As a dedicated beauty lover, I obviously had to stock up on a wide variety of products to get experimenting. Here are my thoughts…

Boutique by Sainsburys - affordable makeup range

Boutique blushes and bronzer

Although I’m not much into contouring my face, I like to even out my skin tone and to enhance its natural shape. Luckily, I was blessed with great skin during my pregnancy, so on most days I managed to get away with just a stroke of bronzer or blusher.

Let’s take a look at the Boutique bronzer, blush and cream blush. I love the bronzer for its light texture and colour that blends in so well. The blush comes in handy for whenever I want to add a little hint of redness to my cheeks. I’ve used them both on my bare face, and over foundation. I’m not the biggest fan of the cream blush, because I’m not good at blending in such a texture, but it has a very strong and long-lasting pigmentation and works well for me on clean skin.

The packaging is clean and very elegant. Each matte black box comes with a nice mirror. The product doesn’t give off dust, so you don’t need a special cover for it – brilliant!

Boutique by Sainsbury's - blushes and bronzer Boutique by Sainsbury's - blush Boutique by Sainsbury's - cream blush Boutique by Sainsbury's - bronzer

Boutique lip glosses

These glosses are a real gem. Coming in only 3 shades and very light pigmentation, they provide the perfect pick-me-up moisture for your lips. As they don’t colour the lips much – but instead give them a nice healthy glow – you can use each of the shades on the go. The texture is light, but has good coverage and lasts long.

The names of these £6 Boutique lip glosses are fun inspired – Mum’s the World, Dusk Till Dawn and Seal of Approval.

Boutique by Sainsbury's - lip glosses Boutique by Sainsbury's - lip gloss brush Boutique by Sainsbury's - lip gloss colours

Boutique lipsticks

In my opinion the Boutique lipsticks come in shades inspired by flowers. They offer a few distinct classic shades which can be mixed and matched for any day-to-night look. I must say that they don’t have a full super strong coverage, but the cute little packaging makes them easy to pop into the smallest handbag for when you need a little touch up. The shades I’m using are: Brown as a BerryPaint the Town Red and Out and a Pout.

The Lip Liner pencil quickly became my favourite one. The colour Lip Service is a classic dark red which suits most of my lipsticks and makes a great lip contour. It lasts very long time and only costs £2 – you can’t go wrong with that!

Boutique by Sainsbury's - lipsticks Boutique by Sainsbury's - lipstick palette Boutique by Sainsbury's - lipstick and lipliner colours Boutique by Sainsbury's - lipstick colour range

Boutique eye shadows

Last but not least are the Boutique eye shadows. Each one of them comes in an individual box – with an elegant little lid which folds out flat. The darker tones have a good pigmentation and are perfectly suitable for a dramatic eye look, whilst the brighter shades give a nice natural sparkle to the eyes.

I like the fact that you’re not restricted to a specific palette, but you can mix and match the shades you need.

Boutique by Sainsbury's - eye shadows Boutique by Sainsbury's - eye shades Boutique by Sainsbury's - eye palette

My overall thoughts

Boutique by Sainsbury’s is a great capsule beauty range. Sadly, not all products are available online, so I couldn’t link to them, but you can find them in most stores. It’s best to test them yourself and pick what you like. At very affordable prices, you can get yourself some pretty good makeup in classic tones which will work for any season.

Boutique by Sainsburys - palette of colours



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