Bulgarian White Protest

As usual, last Sunday at 2 pm there was a group of Bulgarians in front of the embassy in London. Not many in numbers, because it might be Sunday, but a lot are still working. Whoever was free at the time and felt the urge, has turned up.

This week we were dressed in white. White as a symbol of purity, cleanliness. Our message: We’re clean! Let’s wash the corruption out of our country!

A few of us even brought some washing powder and we left it in envelopes with notes: Please, wash our flag and our government! We want our country to be clean!

We still believe that our voices will be heard though. We still believe that Bulgaria is part of EU and will be rescued. It’s not our fault – not of the decent citizens, that the political structures have been accumulated by the business mafia. I think we showed to the world the we know what is going on, we’re standing up and have a position!

Unfortunately, the current government in Bulgaria seems untroubled and after 40+ days of constants protests the parties have no intentions to resign. Apparently, if a protest is peaceful and there is no violence, it doesn’t get much attention. What I discovered recently is how they are manipulating via the TV medias – blaming that the protesters are actually paid by other political parties. Shame on you!

First, it’s a fact that the TV channels are private and owned by the same business structures which have they roots deep into the parliament. Secondly, no one is capable of paying thousands of people to go out on the streets every single evening after work – at exactly 6:30 pm. Thirdly, we’re not claiming to bring back any other political. We do realize that they are so well combined together, that there is no real different who is power. We want changes to the voting system; we want fair and transparent elections, so we have a choice of completely new parties which have no connections with the mafia.

I thought I’d share these pictures with you. Some of them are captured with my phone, others are made by one of the photographers who was there. I’ve been caught in my white midi skirt and a vest on the last 2 photos. 🙂