Calling All London Fashion Bloggers

Hello there, lovely fashion bloggers!

It’s time to reveal a little secret… I’ve been working on this creative project for a while now and I’d like to invite you to be part of it :))

Bloggers Afternoon Tea is the first of a series of networking events, aiming to meet a small selection of the most aspiring London fashion bloggers in order to collaborate with each other and be introduced to fashion professionals and brands. Find out more…

I’m a creative director and marketing specialist, as well as a lifestyle/fashion blogger myself. When I started working with photographer Rod Leon a couple of months ago on a few different projects, he gave me the green light to open up my creativity. I immediately thought that this would be the best opportunity to work with other bloggers, as I firmly believe we are a strong force in the fashion industry right now.

After a couple of months spent on brainstorming, researching and organizing different aspects of this project, I’m ready to share it with you! You’re all invited, although only a few bloggers will be selected for the first event, but there will be more to come!


Afternoon tea in the friendly environment of a trendy London venue, where we all meet up to have a chat, introduce each other, exchange ideas and discuss future projects. There will be bloggers, fashion professionals and brands. Just to make it even more fun, we’ve prepared a big exciting opportunity – a professional FASHION PHOTOSHOOT!

After we have our afternoon tea, we can start our adventure! Bloggers will be styled up by professionals and will pose in front of Rod’s camera. Each blogger will receive a couple of photos from the photoshoot to use on their blogs, to add to their fashion portfolio.
The photos from the event and bloggers details will be passed to fashion brands later and who knows – you might get noticed.


Aspiring bloggers, fashion professionals and cool fashion brands all at the same place!

This first event is a very special one and only 4-6 selected bloggers will receive their personal invitation to join us for afternoon tea. You don’t have to be a super popular blogger in order to apply – as long as you have your own style and LOVE fashion, then you’re welcome to join.


I believe that fashion is for all of us and bloggers show this in the best possible way – we are all different sizes, come from all corners of the globe, and have our unique take on trends. Fashion is doesn’t only to stay on the catwalk – it comes alive when real people wear it. Bloggers know best what works for them and makes them comfortable, so they share it to inspire others to feel confident in their own skin too.


21 Feb – Just in time to celebrate all the fabulous fashion events aligned in London this month


The venue name and address will be sent to the successful applicants. I can tell you from now it’s one of the coolest newly emerging clubs in the heart of East London!
The location is loved by celebreties and so many fashion brands for photo and video shoots.


For a RSVP, please email me at with your name, blog URL, visit stats, social profiles and tell me what drives you to blogging!
You don’t need to be London based, as long as you can make your way to here for the day.

Please, send you applications before 13 Feb. The chosen bloggers will be contacted by 17 Feb and given further details of the event.

Calling London Fashion Bloggers to a Tea Party with Fashion Professionals

Sorry, I can’t take more than 4-6 bloggers for this event. I want everyone to have the best of opportunity to introduce  themselves and have enough time for a professional shoot. I’ll be organizing more events for hosting larger numbers of bloggers again.

I can’t wait to meet you all!