CB12: Start and finish the day with fresh breath

Did you know that 71% of people want someone to tell them if they had bad breath, but only a third of us would actually tell someone who had the problem? It happens even to the best of us… too much alcohol last night, too much coffee throughout the day, not enough food in the stomach, bad teeth, low carb diet… various of reasons can cause bad breath. If you’re cautious this may be happening to you, here is the solution… CB12.

What's in my bag - CB12 chewing gum, protein cookie, specs, purse and some more...

What is CB12?

After extensive research, CB12 have developed a range of oral products to eliminate and prevent bad breath effectively for 12 hours. A unique combination of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine diacetate in the brand’s products neutralises the formation of substances that cause bad breath.

“With its powerful, unique and patented formula CB12 ensures not only first class breath, but also provides a daily shot of confidence. Every day and all day through its long-lasting effect CB12 provides 12 hours of protection. Several studies have been performed that prove the impressive efficacy of CB12 compared to other products.”

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CB12 mild is a mouthwash with a mild menthol flavour that isgreat when used daily as part of your oral hygiene. “Some types of mouthwash may just refresh your breath temporarily”, says dental hygienist Monica Larsson. “The ones that have turned out to have the best effect are those containing zinc and chlorhexidine, like CB12. People who rinse with a product like that notice an immediate change.” Through its powerful patented formula, it ensures 12 hour fresh breath and an immediate boost to your confidence.

As I most often use Listerine products and you’d have thought I’d be used to them by now, the truth any Listerine mouthwash always gives me a stinging feel. CB12 is very different – it is mild, doesn’t make me cough, but leaves me refreshed at an instant!

Contains: 0.05% sodium fluoride.

Available sizes: 250ml, 1000ml

CB12 mild mouthwash - review

Chewing gum

CB12 Boost is a sugar-free chewing gum with a double action – it provides a cool minty flavour and prevents unpleasant breath.

Eaten spicy food, garlic sauce? Going on a date? Business meeting? No worries – just keep a packet of these in your bag and your breath is sorted. The Boost gums look more like large pills and when you put them in your mouth, you need to spin them around a little bit before you can crash them with your teeth to start chewing.

I’ve been avoiding chewing gums for years, after I had tones of problems with my teeth. I don’t like sweetened products that can cause tooth decay or anything too sticky that can pull out some of my implants. CB12 Boost changed my mind about chewing gums – they are easy to use, sugar-free, soft and chewy. Now I always keep a packet in my handbag.

Contains: zinc, fluoride and xylitol.

Available sizes: 1 pack consists of 10 pieces

CV12 boost chewing gum - review #CB12testdays - CB12 mouthwash and chewing gum review

Where to find?

You can find CB12 oral products in selected pharmacies across the UK: Boots, Chemist Direct, Weldricks Pharmacy, Lloyds PharmacySainsbury’s and Tesco.


Ready for a challenge? Try adding the mouthwash to your daily routine for 12 days and you can win with #CB12TESTDAYS. CB12 want to help you get a breath confidence and help you maintain fresh breath and a healthy smile. Commit to the challenge here and you can win vouchers of £20, £50 or £100 to spend on oral hygiene products. Good luck!



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