Advice on precious stones – how to choose oval cut diamonds

Since its inception in the 1960s, the oval cut diamond has carved itself a place among the most popular diamond cuts today. This classic diamond cut adds an exquisite element to the ring or other jewellery pieces. Thus, it is not surprising to see this cross between the round brilliant cut and a pear-shaped cut on the fingers of movie stars, professional sports players and even world-famous singers, among others.

The oval cut diamond ring is sought after by people from all walks of life for a lot of reasons. Among them is that the diamond appears much larger than it actually is with the oval cut diamond’s shape. This cut also enhances the length of the wearer’s finger, making the bride feel dainty and elegant. If you want to own one of these precious stones, here’s what you need to know to make the right choice in an oval cut diamond.

Special effects of the oval cut diamonds

Many of the more informed buyers of precious stones will be aware of how some cuts of diamonds lend a variety of special effects to the wearer such as the one already mentioned. However, in order to make the most of the oval cut diamond, purchasers should learn about the “Bow-tie effect”. This is the term given to the area of a bow-tie with a more darkened area – this effect has been likened to a negative aspect in some jewellery encompassing an oval cut diamond or other elongated rock shapes. Notwithstanding this dilemma, buying a stone to be mounted on a wedding ring that is within the ideal ratio range and symmetry is what all people planning to wear an oval shape diamond should be aiming for.

Therefore, if we do take a look at what AE Design Jewellery has on offer in precious stone cuts, potential buyers of such diamonds should be able to make a clear decision within no time at all. Of course, just because we may have found a great place to buy gemstones as part of our chosen jewellery item, it does not mean we should rush into making a final decision on a purchase.

Choosing wisely the precious stone

It stands to reason that if we have worked around the clock for what seems like an age in order to buy a diamond ring for our soon-to-be bride, we will want to make the right choice in the type of cut of the stone to be fitted on our preferred designs. What many fiancés will do in this situation is look online for articles provided by people knowledgeable about different diamond cut shapes. Reliable blogs are certainly a great place to start for lovers determined to make the right choice in the shape of diamond to be incorporated into their wedding ring design.

Indeed, there are quite a few things to consider when choosing the best oval cut diamond especially when you are looking for jewellery that were produced with classic hand crafting techniques. Some of the more important of these aspects to look at are included below:

  1. Make sure the stone has identical sides and has neatly rounded edges.
  2. Be careful when picking the colour grade.
  3. Consider a clarity grade that gives the best value for money.
  4. A prong setting can allow for maximum amount of light and reflection.
  5. Choose a retailer of diamonds that is highly reputable.

Here are the tips to ensure that you get the best diamonds for your jewellery. I hope you find them useful.



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