How to choose the right honeymoon destination

Choosing the right honeymoon destination requires you to ask yourself a series of questions.

You first need to determine what your idea of a perfect honeymoon is and then find out which destination is best suited to offer you those things. For some, staying in a five-star hotel may be a priority, while for others, it might be fine dining. According to Opodo, Brits’ preferred honeymoon destination includes five star experiences. It is, therefore, left to you and your partner to decide on what you value most in a honeymoon destination. Once you’ve done that you can begin the hard work of searching for a destination that fits the description you’ve come up with.

Opodo Honeymoon Infographic - How to choose the right honeymoon destination

Ensure there are a range of activities

A honeymoon should be a sacred time for you and your spouse to reflect and celebrate the beginning of a new life together. For this reason, it would be ideal to pick a location that gives you a variety of options in terms of activities you can partake in. The infographic by Opodo below found that 69% of people said that their preferred honeymoon activity was visiting the beach. 64%, on the other hand, said that sight-seeing and city hopping where their preferred activities. In light of this, it’s important that you put deep thought into what you’d like to be doing during your honeymoon. If you’re the adventurous type, you may decide you want to do things like hike or scuba dive during the day and unwind with a romantic dinner at a five star hotel at night.

Pick somewhere memorable

The destination that you choose for your honeymoon should be somewhere memorable. Since the weather in the UK can be quite gloomy at times, you may want to opt for something on the other end of the spectrum as it could give you something to reminisce on in the future. Another idea for choosing a memorable destination is picking a place with a sentimental meaning. If, for instance, you love the Royals, you could choose one of their honeymoon destinations as you’re more likely to remember it in years to come. Seeing as 6% of people’s honeymoon choice was inspired by the Royals, know you’re not alone if you do go for that option. In addition to this, perhaps think about a destination such as Bali, Cuba, or Paris, the city of love, seeing as they were amongst people’s choice for top honeymoon destinations.

Make sure it’s within your budget

Staring the first few days of your marriage worried about finances may not be the best idea. For this reason, you may want to review your finances and see how much you can afford to spend on your honeymoon beforehand. Once you agree on this, try finding honeymoon packages within this budget and be willing to sacrifice. This could mean finding out the best time to book flights so that you can save money and use it for things such as activities or a five star hotel.

Since 30% of people say the secret to a perfect honeymoon is being considerate of your budget, so perhaps you should keep this at the back of your mind when choosing a destination. The goal should be to have the honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of while spending an amount that won’t break the bank.

How to choose the right honeymoon destination


*Opodo asked me for my opinion on its research findings.



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