Design the perfect living room with a colour selector wheel from George

For me a living room is like a contemporary art studio – it often changes its looks and serves many purposes to each artist that resides in it.

It’s the room where we meet each member of the family, where we eat, talk, relax, play, work, watch, listen to music, socialise with our guests and even where we take little naps. It’s not only its multipurpose use that makes it so difficult to design, but because everyone also needs to have their own space, and feel good in the room.

Colour selector

To bring our living room to life, I turned to George at Asda for some help. They recently released a colour selector that can help you match your wall colour and discover subtle hues perfect as a base on which brighter accessories can really pop.

The George colour selector for home interior design

Our living room

The walls of our living room are in a soft tangerine colour and we recently brought in soft leather furniture in dark brown. Since that moment every new item coming in (from curtains to tablecloths and candles) was either beige or tangerine. I felt in danger of having a very anonymous room with no specific colour accents, but thanks to the wheel colour selector we managed to avoid falling in this trap.

Sofa accessories

At the home section in George we found the perfect stripe cushions to blend together all the neutral colours of the room. And because you can’t really snuggle on a sofa without something to cover up with, we went for a very soft and fluffy chunky throw. The warm brown colour makes a great contrast with the leather, and is simply waiting for someone to relax there after a long working day.

Soft chunky teddy throw and stripe cushions from George at Asda The texture of our new soft chunky teddy throw and stripe cushions from George at Asda

Versatile shelving

Every room needs shelving space to hold some essentials, but the living room needs it the most. We’ve been looking for an interesting option and we found this pretty versatile L unit (coming in at a great price at the moment!). It’s not only a great place to keep fashion magazines, books, music CDs or flowers, but can be arranged in many different ways if we decide to change the room layout in the future.

Stackable shelving unit from George at Asda L unit for the living room from George at Asda Leighton L unit from George at Asda

Copper acccents

Copper has been my long time crush for organic materials to bring warmth with a sense of luxury to the home interior. Recalling the Art Deco era with a modern twist, this white copper clock is one of my favourite additions to the living room. Its clean appearance gives a minimalist charm to the wall, and allows you to check the time from any side of the room.

White and copper clock from George at Asda Minimalist and modern take on the Art Deco era for home interior Living room corner - L unit and copper clock by George at Asda

Whenever you have any plans to decorate a room in your house, make sure you check this colour selector first to help you navigate through the best colour suggestions for your interior.


The blog editor has been awarded a small budgetary figure for mentioning a brand, whilst decorating according to their own aesthetics.



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