Colourful Weekend on Brick Lane

{LOTD Monday Post}

Have you ever been on Brick Lane during the weekend?

As my friend Elena said yesterday – it looks like someone has opened the zoo. It’s not that bad though – because she’s been living on the main street for more than 9 years.

Brick Lane has its own vibe and for most outsiders it looks insane all the time. To experience it fully, you definitely have to visit it during the weekend!

It combines the East London fever with a passion for vintage – very different from the central and west parts of London with their vintage markets. You’ll see people dressed like from a different era (either from the past, or from a sci-fi movie), you’ll smell food from so many corners of the world, have a cup of freshly roasted coffee under the beat of Jamaican reggae and most probably get tempted by one of the endless vintage shops. If all that is not enough for you, you can find a cafe with a hidden terrace bar, a Lebanese restaurant with the perfect mint Ayryan (the only place I’ve tested good Ayryan outside Bulgaria!) or try the most popular bagels in London.

All that is available on one street!



Outfit Items:
Jacket from Motel Rocks
Top from H&M
Maxi Skirt from Motel Rocks
Ankle boots from Next