The couple’s guide to coordinating fashion

With all of the picture-taking opportunities and social media outlets to post them on, looking photo-ready has become a part of our lives. And if you’re like some couples, coordinating outfits or at least complementing one another might be pretty important to you. Celebrities have been doing it for decades, so even if you’re not familiar with how to accomplish coordination without looking identical, I’ve got some tips below that should have you well on your way to achieving those #powercouple goals.

Dress for the occasion

A fashion rule that everyone should follow, whether you’re a couple or not, is to dress appropriately for the occasion at hand. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, concert, or a holiday gathering, there is a time and a place for certain types of clothing.

I believe that khaki shorts, Polo shirts, sundresses, and wedge heels are not ideal choices for guests at an evening wedding. While these outfits may look good together for a different event like an outdoor barbecue, they definitely don’t work for an occasion that so obviously calls for something more formal.

In other words, the first step to looking great as a fashion-forward couple is to identify the appropriate attire for the occasion based on the level of formality, unless otherwise specified. Once you have those guidelines established, you can move on to coordinating the separate ensembles.

Synchronise your ensembles

You and your significant other aren’t identical twins, so don’t try and dress like them (ie. the denim outfits Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore). Instead, opt for classy and cute coordinating details that aren’t nauseating, allowing you to match while still looking like autonomous adults.

For example, if your man is wearing old-school classics or high-end trainers and jeans with a laid-back tee and leather bomber jacket, then don your skinnies and Chucks, but switch things up by wearing a long tank or printed graphic tee under your moto jacket. The differing jackets, undershirts, and even denim style can make the difference between identifying and identity crisis.

Another rule of thumb is to wear completely different-looking clothing while using colour to tie them together. If you or your partner wears a lavender dress, then a grey suit with a lavender tie and coordinating pocket square would look really sharp. Even if you opt for patterns containing the unifying colour, as opposed to solids, that’s OK, too, because the idea is to visually draw yourselves together without clashing.

Be yourselves

Sometimes coupledom can also mean codependency. However, this doesn’t have to be the psyche-scarring type. If one person out of the partnership always gets to choose what you guys wear, then it might start to take the fun out of coordinating as a couple.

Rather than always run the show, let your love choose what you two will wear every now and then. Even if they’re not the most fashion-forward spouse, you can always gently guide them in the right direction and maybe even grow closer in the process. And if you find yourselves matching so often that your personal style is becoming thwarted, limit coordination to special occasions only.

Presenting a united front as a couple, in terms of actions, words, and dress, can make you feel closer and more confident in your relationship. Fortunately, coordinating your outfits doesn’t have to be cheesy or embarrassing. By following the tips above, you and your sweetie will be looking more fashion forward and focused on each other than ever before.



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