Craft workshops at the Viking Arty Party in London

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon in a beautiful London warehouse, doing crafts and learning new skills over a cup of tea. An event organised by Viking aiming to provide a fun workshop for blogging girls from different corners of the country. Before I knew it four hours were gone and I had done my first steps in origami, block printing and modern calligraphy!

Viking Arty Party

Viking is part of Office Depot, one of the largest suppliers of stationery and office goods in the world. Established in 1960, Viking has over five decades of experience in providing both top quality products and the best customer service in the industry. As well as great stationery, Viking also stocks a wide range of crafting supplies – from Sharpie pens and coloured paper to printers and camcorders.

If you want to see what the bloggers got up to, look on social media for the hashtag #VikingArtyParty 🙂

The amazing venue of #VikinArtyParty - The Gallery at Lumiere, London Refreshing drink corner at the Viking Arty Party Calligraphy workshop setup at the Viking Arty Party Origami workshop setup at the Viking Arty Party Block printing workshop setup at the Viking Arty Party Snacks at the Viking Arty Party #VikingArtyParty giftbags full of goodies for DIY and crafting Bloggers networking at the Viking Arty Party

Me chatting to Joelle from the FebruaryGirl blog - copyright Search Laboratory

Me chatting to Joelle from the FebruaryGirl blog – copyright Search Laboratory

Modern Calligraphy workshop

Suzie from À L’aise is an amazing calligraphy teacher. With her charming smile and skillful hand she made even the most difficult swirls look easy to make. She helped every single one of us do our first steps in this beautiful craft and encouraged us to find out strengths. I found that it isn’t a very easy job to write with ink when you’re left handed, because you end up smudging your letters if you don’t hold the pen correctly, but that didn’t stop me from having fun. I feel inspired and will continue to practice.

À L’aise is a brand dedicated to creating minimalist luxury stationery and leather goods, with a focus on timeless design and an emphasis on quality. On the website you can find contemporary patterned cards with traditionally foil printed labels, calligraphy kits, unique gift wraps, clutches and card holders made of the highest quality vegetable-tanned leathers. Visit À L’aise website for inspiration and use discount code SUPER15 to get 15% off from the shop (use before 31 August 2016).

Suzie hosts frequent workshops that are perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of modern calligraphy – tools, brushstroke and technique. The class is perfect for brides-to-be who want to use calligraphy on their wedding invitations, menus, envelopes or just anyone wanting to learn to write beautifully.

Begginers level of Modern Calligraphy workshop by À L'aise Modern Calligraphy workshop by À L'aise at #VikingArtyParty Modern Calligraphy workshop designed by À L'aise Sozie from À L'aise hosting Modern Calligraphy workshop

First steps in modern calligraphy with Suzie from A-Laise - copyright Search Laboratory

First steps in modern calligraphy with Suzie from A-Laise – copyright Search Laboratory

My first attempts scribbles of modern calligraphy Bloggers learning modern calligraphy by À L'aise Creative mess at the calligraphy lesson

Mindful Origami workshop

I never thought that as an adult I would enjoy origami so much and that it would be so relaxing. I remember playing with paper when I was a kid and following an old book to create paper animals, but that’s as much as my knowledge went. Thanks to Samuel‘s workshop we all looked at origami in a different light – as yoga for the mind. He not only showed us how to make an envelope from A4 sheet of paper, but also told us how origami started as a form of art in Japan. Following his instructions we were quickly transformed into little kids again when with bewildered eyes we saw how a flapping bird appeared between our fingers.

Samuel Tsang is the author of The book of Mindful Origami: Fold paper, unfold your mind. As a professional Londoner himself working in one of the busiest areas in this city, he understands that most of us sit in front of a computer screen every day and don’t create anything physical. He believes that turning a piece of paper into a 3D sculpture is a meditative journey that instills in us a sense of pride, competence and accomplishment. As we slow down and start to fold paper, which is so beautifully tactile, so we start to unfold our minds. Worries and troubles float away as we follow the instructions fully focused on the task at hand, able to mindfully contemplate our intentions, hopes and dreams.

Mindful Origami workshop by Samuel Tsang Origami startup kit at the Viking Arty Party Origami inspiration by Samuel Tsang Mindful Origami workshop with Samuel Tsang Origami inspiration - paper swan Japanese origami flipping bird - Thousand Origami Cranes

Block Printing workshop

The third workshop was block printing and we were guided by Jane from Tea & Crafting. Something as simple as customising office folders was an event that occupied us for a whole hour with fun, jokes and laughter. It was lovely to see so many girls creating beautiful and unique designs following our own aesthetics. I decided to have some fun making a coffee bean stamp. There was no brown paint available to make roasted coffee blend, so I played with green and yellow to decorate my folder with raw coffee beans in ombre hues. Did I make it sound fancy?! I managed to get my hands dirty and my nails green, but it was worth it!

I must admit, I loved everyone else’s folders too – there were so many talented bloggers!

Located in the heart of Camden, Tea & Crafting hosts many different workshops and crafty hen parties. If you want to discover your next creative talent or find a new hobby, they can master your skills in anything from block printing to knitting and crochet, from cake decorating to jewellery making and even rag rugging.

Tea and Crafting block printing workshop Block printing at the Viking Arty Party Tea and Crafting starter kit for block printing

Block printing with Tea & Crafting at Viking Arty Party - copyright Search Laboratory

Block printing with Tea & Crafting at Viking Arty Party – copyright Search Laboratory

Block printing at Viking Arty Party - copyright Search Laboratory

Block printing at Viking Arty Party – copyright Search Laboratory

Bloggers made block printed folders Bloggers working with their patterns for block printing Block Printing workshop by Tea and Crafting

Lumiere London venue

I can’t complete this post without mentioning the fabulous venue the Viking Arty Party was held in. The Gallery at the Lumiere Studios provided the perfect backdrop for such a lovely afternoon spent in the company of so many beautiful bloggers.

The spacious and bright room is decorated to the latest interior design trends. The large area for crafting and networking is surrounded by original brick walls, whilst white ceiling makes the air lighter. Soft and comfortable furniture in bold colours creates the perfect contrast with industrial looking metal beams in the lounge area. A beautiful place that inspires its visitors to have a great time!

Lounge area at The Gallery at Lumiere, London Lumiere London Lounge corner at Lumiere London The Gallery at Lumiere, London

Photos taken by me, unless stated otherwise.



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