Crispy potato chips

{Thursday Recipe Post} – I think Thursday is a good way to share a recipe or food tip.

It’s not a super complicated or amazing recipe. It’s actually something pretty simple, but it’s my way of preparing these chips made of mixed sweet and regular potatoes.

I tried once sweet potato chips with rosemary in a Brazilian restaurant. I’ve seen 2 different types of sweet potatoes and I think that the orange one is the South American, so I’m using this one. In Bulgaria, we don’t have sweet potatoes at all, but plenty of white ones for roasting, cooking, etc. And you’re more likely to find them flavoured with dill. So I decided to make my own recipe having a bit of each.

It will take:
5 mins (prep); 10 mins (cooking)

It will feed:
2 people
(I’m cooking for two, but yo can make a bigger amount for more hungry mouths.)

1 orange sweet potato (medium size)
2 white potatoes
3 spoons of plain flour
5-6 average size potatoes

olive oil, salt, rosemary, dill



1. Chop the potatoes and put in cold water.
This prevents them from getting dark spots while you’re preparing. I’m not completely sure, but my grandmother used to do it when I was little, and I think it this step to get rid of the excess starch.


2. Put on kitchen paper to dry the water on them.


3. Prepare the flour mixture with dill and rosemary, a bit of salt.
Spread on a large plate, so you can dip the chips in the mix.


4. Dip each side of the chips in the flour.
If you haven’t dried them out completely, they should get nicely covered in flour. The flour allows the to remain very soft inside, yet super crispy on the outside, while frying.


5. The dipped chips should look like this.


6. Fry in a wog or a deep pan.
The oil should be just covering them and the temperature – fairly high.  Be carefully to not burn them too quickly, you still want them to cook through; but if the fire is too low, they’ll become too greasy. Fry until brown-ish, to make sure they are cook, the flour slows down the process a little bit.


7. Serve the dinner.
Here I’ve cooked grilled lamb chops and with some fresh salad and crispy chips on the side.

I don’t eat that often fried food, but once in a while it’s allowed. Especially when you’ve made it home and you know you’ve used fresh olive oil.

I hope you like them! 🙂