Cut the stress of a big family Christmas this winter season

Christmas is a time for caring, sharing and wondering how you are going to seat everyone around your table to avoid an argument! People look forward to Christmas as a time to get all their family together, but when the day itself finally arrives they begin to remember why you’re only in the same place at the same time once a year.

There are ways to cut the stress, so let’s have a look at a few of them now so hopefully your big family Christmas can go with a swing!

Family Christmas table

Create space

One of the main causes of stress for everyone is not having enough space: being crammed into the same room or two over the course of the holiday inevitably leads to arguments.

Making some extra space for people to retreat to can ease the possible tension, and allow people to cool off instead of arguing. If you look for storage London has plenty of options, and you could clear out the spare room, even if it’s just for a few days, to create a games room for kids, additional space for someone to sleep, or simply another space for people to hang out if the crowding gets too much.

Christmas cheese board

Start planning early

You cannot overestimate the value of a good plan. If you work out everything you need to do, you can spread it out and begin your first preparations back in October, so you feel in control of events and don’t have to do everything in 48 hours before everyone arrives.

This also allows you to spread out the duties and responsibilities as well. If people are spending Christmas with you, it’s hardly unfair for you to ask them to bring a dessert, or take responsibility for the cheese board. This not only relieves the stress on you and stops you being taken advantage of, it helps other people feel like a part of the process.

Family Christmas drinks


Everyone likes a drink at Christmas, but having one too many is a sure way to lose your ability to be diplomatic around difficult relatives. Remember, you’re the host, so keeping a level head is a good idea. Celebrate in moderation on Christmas day, so you can navigate arguments and tense situations effortlessly, and then in the following days when your family have gone home, you can relax with only your nearest and dearest without having to worry about sparking a row.

With these few tips, hopefully your family Christmas will be a cracker!


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