Day date ideas you’ll want to try next time you’re in London

With a new year comes the chance for a fresh start, and I’ve been doing my best to see the city I love with new eyes. Whether you’re a fellow Londoner or just someone who loves to visit the capital, it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of visiting the same places and attractions without trying something new.

There’s so much more to see and do here, especially for couples. Of course, life often gets in the way of making time for one another, and as a new mum I can appreciate how something like a tiny new life can change how we structure our time. I still believe London has tons of day date ideas to offer though, from new couples in the honeymoon phase to those of us secure in our love and ready to share fun and thought-provoking experiences together. With that in mind, here are a few day date ideas London can offer, and I’d love to hear your own ideas too.

Get stuck into Drink, Shop & Do

Cocktail bars have been done, and even those cosy, speakeasy-style holes in the wall have had their day. If you’re going out for drinks with a difference, I’d recommend Drink, Shop & Do in King’s Cross. They match their fine wine and cocktails list with lots of weird and wacky activities, from chasing penguin pinatas to Lego robot building contests, as well as genuinely useful things like podcast classes for beginners. The list of activities is as eclectic as they come, and always growing.

love cameras in Hackney Wick

Heat up the competition at Draughts

Board game cafes are, some say, the new pubs. I’m not sure I fully follow that theory myself, but London’s first board game cafe, Draughts, is definitely worth traipsing to Hackney to try out. Tucked in the railway arch and with hundreds of games to try, even for newbies, it’s become a pretty popular place that’s bound to make a day date with a difference. Just don’t take the spirit of competition too seriously!

Feel some Harry Potter magic

The magical stories of the Hogwarts Express, the kids gathered in the Great Hall, the final showdowns with the villains… the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is for those of us who are in love with Harry Potter even today. What’s more, the range of activities and authentic props always seems to be expanding. If you prefer, you can even tour the outdoor real-life London locations where the film was made too.

London day date idea - cheese making class

Go on a cheesy day date

I think pretty much everyone has learned to make cheese quite by accident at some point in their life, thanks to forgotten milk in the back of the fridge, but this promises a more fun and tasty option. The cheese making classes of the Urban Cheese Maker give you a full day of learning how cheese is made, shaped and flavoured, and ends with you taking home the ingredients you need to try it at home too.

Kayak through the Thames

Keeping fit isn’t always easy, but get those upper bodies working together on a kayak. London Kayak Tours lets you pair up and paddle away, and I love the scenic tour routes on offer, including Regent’s Canal and Hampton Court. £39 gets you an hour and a half to explore, which I think is pretty decent value altogether.

The more I look into all this, the crazier the capital seems to get. If I wanted I could go beekeeping tomorrow and drink beer afterwards in the same place. What’s the most quirky and fun London day date you’ve ever been on?


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.



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