DIETOX – ​o​rganic​, vegan and cruelty-free​ ​​skincare & juicing

Dietox products aim to reset the body and kickstart a healthy diet and beauty routine – by helping you create the change of mindset needed at the start of a healthy diet, or simply when you want to maintain feeling and looking your best.

Dietox skincare

Having started out as an organic, cold-pressed juice therapy brand, at the beginning of spring Dietox have now launched a new range of organic hair & body products to support the holistic ‘inside/outside’ beauty ethos.

The full range is based on fruit, vegetables, plants and essential oils and includes: purifying shampoo, repair rescue conditioner, exfoliant gel, firming oil, firming cellulite reducing cream and a flash serum. Designed in 100 ml bottles, the products are suitable for hand luggage, so you can easy bring them on your next healthy holiday. All the products are cruelty-free!

DIETOX - o​rganic​, vegan and cruelty-free​ ​​cosmetics ​range DIETOX - body and face products DIETOX - skincare product review DIETOX - body and face exfoliant

Scrub gel

The face and body exfoliant gel has quickly become one of my favourite bathroom essentials. Containing finely grained apricot seeds, chamomile, calendula, sage and vitamin C, it has a refreshing scent and leaves my skin deep cleansed and very smooth.

Price: £12.00


DIETOX - firming oil

Firming oil

This organic firming oil is the perfect mix of 7 essential oils, including: sweet almonds, soy, olive, evening primrose and argan. I use it for the whole body and especially for my expanding baby bump. It has a light and very nice perfumed scent. The oil absorbs in the skin quickly leaving it firm and hydrated with no danger for your clothes.

Price: £15.00


DIETOX - reducing cream

Reducing cream

The natural reducing cream is very important for, especially whilst my pregnancy is progressing. Though I haven’t put too much weight, I’m storing it in some special areas. The reducing cream helps me target them by reducing cellulite and promoting the natural formation of collagen. Its ingredients like seaweed, green coffee and centella make the skin feel smoother and firmer, whilst sesame and rice leave it nourished and hydrated.

Price: £19.00


DIETOX - express 3 days plan DIETOX - express plan calendar

Express 3-day plan

The express detox includes 1 day of organic juice cleaning, combined with natural cosmetics, organic tea and alkaline diet plan from the in-house nutritionist, to help cleanse and purify the body.

The cold pressed juices are suitable for vegans as they are made of organic fruit, vegetables, vegetable protein and superfoods.

Note: Though I’m not in a state to do any diets at the moment, I’m looking forward to trying the detox juicing plan and get back in shape after labour.

Price: £65.00


DIETOX - intense 10 days plan DIETOX - intense plan calendar

Intense 10-day plan

The intense program is tailored to do 3 days of organic detox juicing and 7 days of cleansing antioxidants rich diet. This plan promises to get you in shape through an expert combination of dieting, organic teatox and infusions, simple home workouts and the use of the organic skincare full range.

Each day’s refrigerated pack contains 6 cold-pressed juices, created from seasonal fruit, vegetables, superfoods and seaweeds. All blends are specifically tailored for different nutritional requirements throughout the day and are cold-pressed.

Price: £180


Cold-pressed method and transport

Made using the Cold-Pressed method – once pressed, mixed and packed, the juices are put under high pressure with the latest HPP (High Pressure Process) technology, to avoid the growth of bacteria and to retain all nutrition and flavour. The cold chain is retained from the moment they are made until the customers receive them at home in their isothermal box, packed within dry ice.

Dietox concept

The detox diet aims to helping the body eliminate all it does not need. This way, it functions much more efficiently and we avoid being constantly tired. An appropriate nutrition offers extra support to the organs that are in charge of cleaning our body (kidneys, liver and skin, among others) of the toxins that we accumulate on a daily basis.

Some signs of excess toxins in the body include: headaches, digestive disorders (constipation, malabsorption of nutrients, bloating, slow digestion…), or inability to lose “those few extra pounds“, stress, depression and constant exhaustion, indicating a lack of vitality. Skin can also be dry, and lacking elasticity and brightness.

Dietox knows that, on top of occasionally carrying out a juice cleansing, it is very important to complement your nutrition with a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and whole grains, and also keeping in mind nuts, seeds and regular physical exercise.



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