Dorothy Perkins Skinny Jeans Competition

Source: Dorothy Perkins Facebook Page

I’m so happy! Thank you so much, DP! ♥

Today I had so much design work. Starting from the morning with the idea to keep everything in schedule, I found out that my laptop’s Windows has crashed complete and doesn’t even want to turn on at all!

It was a complete disaster – looking through old boxes to find the CDs, drivers, software, updates… it took me the whole day. Thank God there are smart phones and I could at least email all my customers that things will be delayed for a few hours.


In the middle of this whole rush, I saw a message on my phone – a comment on Instagram from Dorothy Perkins. I can’t even describe how excited I got in that moment, but I had to keep cool until I knew what it was about. Until they messaged me on Facebook the great news – I’m the winner of the Instagram Skinny Jeans Competition!!!

The prize is an annual supply of denim – a pair of jeans each month! What could be any better than that?! Every girl needs denim, possibly all different styles, colours and shapes… ♥

You can see now my picture on the DP Instagram profile and Facebook page 🙂

The day got better indeed! And now I can happily pack my luggage, because tomorrow I’m heading to Paris! A surprise my man ♥ did for me! ♥