Experience London like a local

London is a very special city for me. From the moment I visited a friend and spent a week as a tourist, I knew I wanted to move there. It took me only a few months to organise my journey and there I was – arriving at the airport with a suitcase bigger than me.

Londoners watching a performance on the street

London for me

I lived in London for 6 years and the city never got boring. It has so many different places to explore that every day you can feel like you’re in a different town. I quickly found which parts of London felt close to my heart and I started exploring the hidden gems where the creative types can be seen. I met amazing friends, have been to fabulous events and one of a kind venues, museums, live gigs and so much more.

Now I don’t live in London anymore, but work and friends bring me there every few months. And whenever I have a free afternoon, I know where to get lost.

London like a local

I was recently asked by Ebookers to share my favourite things to do in London. The website launched a new guide for my favourite city called London like a local. Offering a bridge between visitors and truly exciting ways of experiencing the city, this guide will take you to places unknown to any guide books.

You will find the favourite places of the people who make this city as vibrant as it is – from where to eat and drink, to where to shop, walk and explore. If you click on the Insider Tips, you’ll find 5 tips from a number of Londoners, including myself. Check my suggestions for a cool afternoon with a taste of East London’s craft breweries and the best chocolate fudge, followed by a walk along Regent’s Canal.

Best chocolate fudge and brownie at Borough Market

I hope you enjoy my London like a local tips and maybe one day will can meet for a flat white at Four Corners Cafe.



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