Exploring Sicily: tips and advice

Sicily is a destination that has something for everyone. If you enjoy being active, simply laying by the seaside or getting to know the local culture, Sicily has it all.

Due to its geographical location, it has long been a place where the Mediterranean cultures meets. The locals are friendly and have great energy, so embrace local culture and etiquette. For example, greet those around you even if you are simply entering or exiting a shop.

Tips for visiting

Like most European places, Sicily relies heavily on tourism. The best time of the year to visit the island is May-June or September-October when the water is still warm. This way, you’ll avoid the high costs, crowds and the July-August heat.

An important part of any adventure is to discover where you will be based. Sicily, like most other tourism dependent places in 2017, offers many accommodation options such as hotels, hostels and AirBnB’s. However, in case you’re looking for something a little more special, it would be a great place to go a little out of your way financially and rent one of the many beachfront villas with private pools offered by companies like Wishsicily.

What to do in Sicily

When it comes to what to do in Sicily, any step outside can lead you to someplace new and absolutely beautiful. There are coastal landscapes and paths that can lead you to breathtaking views of volcanoes, seaside or the countryside.

If you enjoy being active, there are hiking options ranging from casual day hikes to more intense adventures. A couple options include the hike along Capo Milazzo and one to Stromboli. Capo Milazzo is a perfect option for a one-hour day hike. It is a 3km loop starting at Chiesa di San Antonio that leads you around the peninsula. This is a scenic hike through many beautiful landscapes with olive groves along the way that lead you all the way down to the sea. For a little pit stop along your hike, you can take a dip in the natural pool, Piscina di Venere.

For a moderate-demanding hike, head up Stromboli a few hours prior to sunset to catch it in time. It is 8km in total, generally takes about 5-6 hours and has an unforgettable view.

Food in Sicily

Food in Sicily

Like in every other part of Italy, food is extremely important in Sicily. Food is something to enjoy, something that brings people together and even has significant history attached to it. I highly recommend eating local and seasonal foods. At markets and restaurants, if you want to have a typical dish or local option, ask for a recommendation. You’ll probably get at least 5 of them! You will find delicious seafood, vegetables, cheeses, meat, wine, desserts and so much more. It is magical what Sicilians can whip up and the food you eat may just be one of your best, if not the best, memories of visiting the island.

As you imagine a trip to Sicily, are you interested in understanding the production of wine, how locals live or how to make a local pasta dish? Or maybe you want to make your dream of seeing a sunset with a volcano and sea view come true? Sicily is a wonderful destination because of all that it offers. With so many options, you can try something new and make your trip to Sicily one straight from your dreams.

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