First out of 12 Dorothy Perkins jeans

{Monday LOTD Post}

I received my first pair of denim from Dorothy Perkins – from the #dpdenim Instagram competition.

Luckily, the weather warmed up a little bit, so I managed to make a few shots on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It still was 1°C when I left the house in the morning, but I was determined to wear a cropped jacket, so I had to put a few more layers underneath – as you can see I look a little bit like a balloon. During the day it warmed up a bit.

Here are the jeans…


I love the colour – looks much better in real, than on the pictures. Very bright, very pretty. And I like  the effect on the back pockets – slightly folded at the top. It’s the tiny details that make the things look better!

As a first pair, I picked deep blue jeans with faded effects and studs. I combined them with studded heels from Next and a handbag from Paolo Botticelli which I’ve had for so long that it started to look vintage, but I still like it too much.


For my street casual look I picked a cropped New Look jacket with a thick winter jumper. To have a little bit of colour I added a scarf with som different mixed tones. I also wore a golden statement necklace which is showing just enough under the scarf.


It’s a pretty simple look for a weekend out on the streets of Soho.

Yes, the sun makes me smile! It’s been so long! :)))

The new pair of jeans inspired me to buy a few more clothes from Dorothy Perkins on the day I received them.

The one I got as a reward is a Short UK size 6, Super Skinny. It feels really good on, extremely soft and comfortable; but for a whole day out, it stretches quite a lot. I decided to buy another pair size 6 from the Petite collection, to try if they will fit me better. I’ll update you when I get them soon.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I was caring a 3 kg dumbbell in my handbag. We went pass this fitness shop for something and left with a huge bag of weights, mats and different bits and bobs. Obviously, had to split the weights and I got one. 🙂

Caring it around town for a while afternoon, was a very good workout!