Five Things About Me

Thank you, Terry, for inviting me to join the fun! 🙂

Terry from Oh, Ivory tagged me in her blog post in which she shared 5 random facts about herself. Now, it’s my turn to share with you.

Let’s see if I can surprise you…


1. I used to rescue cats in Bulgaria

I spent the last 2 years in Bulgaria mostly rescuing cats. It’s such an amazing feeling when you’ve saved a life! You take an abandoned kitten from the street: treat, heal, wash, feed and look for a loving home.

This little baby on the picture was the most difficult case I had. I was going for a beer on the beach with a few friends, but didn’t get there. We saw this poor baby around a bus stop on a very busy boulevard, crawling between people’s feet. She’s was covered in fleas and completely blind. The vet said she’ll never be able to see, but there is a tiny chance for one of the eyes to recover partially. A few months of treatment at home, she started playing with my other cat and I was confident she can see. A lovely girl adopted her and in a couple of months time she send me the picture on the right, saying that the cat chases flies and has a full sight!


2. I once went on a Kung Fu competition

When I was a kid, I was very active in sports. I used to dance Bulgarian folklore dances, practiced Kung Fu and Tae Bo – for a couple of years each.

One day our group went to this competition and we had to fight with other teams. I was standing in front of this big girl and with my tiny self I managed to “kick her butt” in about a minute or two. When I saw her face after the failure, I felt so guilty that I might have hurt her. I found her after the competition and wanted to apologize, but seeing what a little girl has actually knocked her out, she got even more upset. After this situation, I realized I can’t go into fighting in case I hurt someone. Soon after, I stopped the classes.


3. I’m left handed

I do everything with my left hand. I can only slice bread with any of my hands. My mom says that when I was little I didn’t use my right hand for almost anything, so she got me into piano classes, which lasted about 4-5 years. For playing piano, the right hand is the leading one, so I did develop some balance. Luckily, I’m using my right hand for the mouse now and both on the keyboard.

I remember the first year in school doing some dictations. The teacher would come to me every 5 minutes and tell me to use the right hand, so I held the pen and pretended I was writing until she was gone. One day my mom spoke to her and she left me alone. 🙂


4. I can’t swim!

Unless, I can touch the bottom with my feet when I stand up. If I loose it I start drowning. Don’t know how this works, but that’s the way it is.


5. I don’t watch TV

Do you see this? It’s the wall in my living room and there is no TV. I haven’t had TV for more than 5-6 years so far. When you don’t waste your free time on the sofa, you actually have so much more time for yourself, for friends and the loved ones, you can socialize and meet people, do some sports or go for a walk in the park. We’ve arranged our home around the social area. When we have guests, it takes them about 2-3 hours to realize: “Oh, where is your TV?”

When I came to London and moved to a room for the first 6 months, I told the landlord I don’t need the TV, because it’s taking too much space – it was one of the old ones with a kinescope. He didn’t believe me, so one day I just lifted it up and left it in the hallway. He thought it was impossible for me to have moved it myself.

I hope you enjoyed these little facts about me. Now I’d love to find out more about a few of the blogger which I enjoy following and reading:

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I hope you’ll join the party, girls! 🙂