Five tips to stay healthy whilst travelling pregnant

Becoming a mother was one of the most exciting and most overwhelming times of my life, and I never knew I would learn so much from it.

While my little bundle of joy takes most of my time now and our biggest trip includes heading to the shopping center for a whole afternoon, I knew that pregnancy was my chance to visit a few of my favourite places I wouldn’t be able to see for a while. Although most of us have a love/hate relationship with pregnancy, it doesn’t have to stop you from living your life. If you feel that your growing belly might be holding you back from doing what you love, you need to check out these 5 tips on how to remain healthy whilst travelling pregnant.

It’s all about the timing when travelling pregnant

Pregnancy is an intricate process that changes each day, so it’s important that you plan your travelling adventure at the right moment. Airlines such as British Airways require their pregnant passengers to receive medical clearance from their GP before they can travel and won’t take you on board after the 34th week. So you need to know that you are at a healthy stage in your pregnancy before you book. Most experts suggest that the best time to travel is between 14 and 28 weeks.

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Think about your destination of choice

I absolutely love to travel, but I realised while I was pregnant that I couldn’t trek through the Andes or climb Mount Everest – because it just wasn’t possible with a bulging belly and swollen ankles! Because of this, you need to really think about your destination of choice and brainstorm what you want from your travelling experience. If you just want to relax before the baby comes, it’s best to stick to a beach destination that has plenty of space for you to kick back and enjoy the waves lapping at your feet.

Take frequent breaks to avoid health risks

Travelling, in general, is tiring, and travelling whilst pregnant is even more tiring, so it’s important that you take frequent breaks to avoid any health risks. Because your body is working overtime to grow another human, it has less time to focus on the goings-on in your own body, which means that you have to listen to what the aches and pains are telling you and give yourself a rest. This could be to help your stress levels or even to replenish the energy you’ve lost during an awesome walking tour.

Fill your bags with snacks and drinks

While I was pregnant, I soon realised that I would spend the next nine months eating everything in sight. I was so hungry! Because they are passing on nutrients to their babies, pregnant women often suffer from the hunger pangs and dehydration quicker than the average woman. If you’re travelling whilst pregnant, you need to give into these bodily cues and eat healthy snacks and drink plenty of fluids. It’s best to fill your bags with snacks and drinks to ensure you don’t run dry.

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Use your common sense when choosing activities

While it’s important not to let your pregnancy stop you from enjoying yourself, you do have to be conscious of the baby inside of you when you travel while pregnant. Although it may seem like a fun idea to go snowboarding or water skiing, this can be extremely dangerous – even if you’re a professional! This means you have to be much more aware of the activities you choose while travelling, and consider the safety of your baby.

Staying healthy whilst travelling pregnant is easy if you follow these simple rules. Have you recently travelled whilst pregnant? Let me know your tips in the comments 🙂



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