For Tsvety Carolova with Hope

As I promised, I’ll keep you updated on the good causes I get myself involved in. I created a separate button on the navigation bar, called “Make Good”, where I will publish the stories and their updates.

I don’t know if you remember, but I shared a story with you a few months ago – the story about the suspended bread. I made the story myself, because I wasn’t sure how it has started, but I wanted to describe the situation which is very true.

I want to show you an old lady now, who lives up in the mountain in her last shelter – an adobe house, with no running water, leaking roof and no money for food. She’s too proud to beg or even show you her tears. She’s accepted her faith. But we can change it.

A friend of mine was brought there by other people to fix a leaking roof. She didn’t get any money from the old widow, but made pictures instead and is now organizing a group of volunteers to help Tsvety. They are going there at least once a week to bring food or any other goods they have spare.

Tsvety’s name means flower. Her husband passed away half a year ago after suffering from cancer. They didn’t have money to afford any proper treatment, so she had to watch the man of her life fading slowly and painfully. In the same time she can’t even afford food for herself and is slowly starving herself. She’s living alone, no relatives to help (actually they stole from her any heritage she used to have), the old house is falling apart. So high in the mountain nothing grows in the dry soil.




What we want to do for her now, is raising some money, so volunteers can fix the roof and the old well, buy wood for the winter. This will at least provide the basics for her to survive.

I’ve created a page for donations on Indiegogo and I’ll be very thankful if you can check it. Any small donation would be much appreciated and very helpful. Please, share with your friends!

It won’t take much, but it will mean a lot to Tsvety!