Fur in Fashion?

I’m very much concerned about this subject, so I’d like to discuss it with you – my readers. There was the time a few years ago (about when I moved to London), when you couldn’t wear fur, not even fake, because someone would start shouting at you on the street, calling you a murderer or even throw red paint on you. Strangely, it’s coming back in fashion now. People wear fur in any shape and form – from faux to real.

What do you think about this? Do you approve? Do you contribute to an industry where killing other creatures is alright? Or you only approve when it’s vintage? Or maybe, fur is something you strongly disapprove, no matter of the excuses? I want to hear from you. Even if we don’t agree, I’m interested to know why you think in a certain way.

My opinion is strongly against wearing fur. Especially knowing that the majority of fur comes from China, India and other countries where there is no law to stop animal abuse. Some people might feel beautiful and glamorous wearing an old vintage piece, but I think that it’s another way of contributing to the industry and keeping something so evil still in fashion.

Yesterday I found a blog of a young fashion designer (not going to mention it here, because I don’t want to advertise it), who adores anything fur and produces garments from fur, sells fur and promotes this kind of lifestyle to other fashionistas. Her glamorous little blog made me sick! I felt like I wanted to find her and pull hair by hair from her head, just so she can get the feeling for herself.

In ancient times, human kind used to wear fur to keep warm when crossing the North pole or surviving through severe winters. Fair enough. People also used to keep cattle so they can feed the whole family / tribe and make clothing afterwards – it was essential for the survival. Things have obviously changed since then. Now certain animal kinds are being bread for their fur, born to die and don’t even serve for food anymore.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from and how rich you are… when you wear something on you only because it looks nice without any other sensible reason, you contribute to killing with torture other living creatures. It means you’re heartless! Look at Mahiki (a top London night club) who regardless of their clientele banned fur! If they can take the step, why we can’t take the same choice for ourselves?!

Fur in Fashion? Mahiki in London banned fur - The Blog of one Balgarka.co.uk

It’s very easy to educate yourself – just go on PETA website or search on Google and you can find out where and how exactly animals get skinned, so you can wear them.

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Fur in Fashion? Eva Mendes Poses Nude to Speak Out Against Fur - The Blog of one Balgarka.co.uk

  • If I managed to convince you or you were already on the same side as me, please sign the Pledge to Go Fur-Free
  • If you are a fur lover, than explain to me why. I can’t imagine it for myself, but I want to hear your reasons and how you feel about skinning and killing.