How Londoners get things done with Bidvine

One of the things I love most about London is the opportunities this awesome city gives you. You can achieve almost anything – from personal to business projects, especially if you find the right professionals to help you along the way. Talking about projects, everyone is going crazy about Bidvine lately, so I decided to try it myself.


Bidvine is an online platform connecting customers with the right service providers… a bit like Tinder but for local services! Unlike other websites, they aren’t focussed on only one niche, but cover a vast range of the everyday needs of Londoners. You can find someone to help you with literally anything – from home cleaning and removals, to wedding photography and event catering, and even guitar or cooking classes.

My task

As an expecting mom for the first time at the age of 34, I can’t imagine being inactive for 9 months. I’m used to taking good care of my body and have been exercising for the past 5 years. Naturally I want to continue doing so. With the progress of my pregnancy though, I noticed that I can’t do as much as I used to.

I checked at all the local gyms I’ve been going to, but I couldn’t find an appropriate class that caters for pregnant women. I turned to Bidvine to connect me with yoga trainers in my part of town. That’s what technology is for, right?

Bidvine dashboard

How it works

After a very simple registration on the website, the visitor can immediately post their project. I opted for yoga lessons from the dashboard and the whole process took me about 2-3 minutes. I had to answer a few simple questions like the style of yoga I was interested in, my personal goals, how often I wanted to visit and what is my postcode. After I submitted the request, I received a confirmation from Bidvine via email that it has been received and an estimate of how long it would take to receive bids from local professionals.

Although my request was quite specific – yoga classes for pregnant women, I already had a reply from a yoga teacher within a day or two.

Bidvine - customer journey

It really is that simple!

All you have to do is post your request, review the bids you’ve received and hire your preferred provider. All done through Bidvine on your laptop at home or on your phone if you’re on the go. You can view bidders profiles, ask them questions and see their reviews from previous jobs.

Overall experience

I enjoyed using Bidvine and it made it so easy to find a yoga teacher who could help me with certain yoga exercises during my pregnancy. The online platform is so easy to use and I like the fact that I can review the person I worked with.

The user experience is visually very well designed and super easy to navigate through (as a graphic designer by profession I always take notice of this).

There are so many services to choose from, that I’m sure I will soon be checking Bidvine again for a few coming domestic projects and, of course, if I need a professional photographer or makeup artist during London Fashion Week this month.

Bidvine on the go - phone app

Disclaimer: This review has been asked for by the brand in question, but all opinions expressed are solely my own.



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