Hydrogel mask by Gold Collagen – Blogger’s Review

You probably already know of the importance to regularly hydrate your skin in order to keep it healthy-looking. I recently discovered the Gold Collagen drink, and I completed a 30-day programme of the Active beauty supplement – read my review. Minerva Research Labs didn’t stop there. They have utilised their knowledge of the skin, and excelled themselves by designing a hydrogel mask to help us keep our skin youthful and healthy – from both inside and out.

The Gold Collagen facial mask was initially only available as a gift if you purchased a 30-day programme from Boots before Christmas. After all the interest and fuss it created among celebrities, models and beauty bloggers, all evident on Instagram, now it’s officially available to be purchased online.

I tried and really loved it, so it’s my turn to tell you all about it 🙂

Hydrogel mask by Gold Collagen - Blogger's Review

Gold Collagen

Gold Collagen is a liquid beauty supplement with a collagen protein as its active ingredient. The pioneering MINERVA Research Labs is one of the only brands to have their in-house clinical test to ensure they deliver the best possible results.

The beauty supplement comes in a small bottle with a refreshing zesty taste. You consume one bottle a day, which you can take at any time. The range of products cover the various needs of their customers: Pure Gold CollagenActive Gold Collagen and Gold Collagen Forte.

Hydrogel Mask

The Gold Collagen hydrogel mask is a new skincare solution, developed for dehydrated, tired-looking skin. The unique water soluble bio-matrix mask encapsulates an advanced formula of moisturising and regenerating ingredients that support natural process for improved skin hydration, texture and radiance.

Formulated with Pearl Extract derived from the freshwater pearl (Pinctad metensil) it’s a great source of antioxidants. Added Hyaluronic Acid  which is found naturally within the skin – helps support moisture retention, leaving skin looking plump and moisturised. Glycerin helps the skin to attract and retain moisture. Alongside this, the Botanical Complex is a powerful blend of botanical antioxidants including Red Algae and Tea Tree Oil which leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It excludes any nasties such as parabens, phthalates, triclosan and sulfates. It is pre-soaked with nourishing ingredients for the easiest application ever.

What’s in the pack

The box contains 4 hydrogel masks – a monthly supply. Each facial mask is in a separate pouch.

Price: £19.99

Available online at Gold Collagen official website

Hydrogel mask by Gold Collagen - Blogger's Review

How to use

It’s recommended to use it once a week for a healthy kick and hydrational boost to the skin. Apply after you have cleansed and dried your face. Remove the protective film and apply to the skin, leaving it for 20-40 minutes.

A unique second skin technology makes it fit the facial contours perfectly. Upon contact with the skin, it provides an immediate cooling effect. When it reaches body temperature, it starts releasing the advanced formula directly into the skin. No need to wash or dry you face when you finish – any excess moisture left after the mask will be absorbed by the skin.

Hydrogel mask by Gold Collagen - Blogger's Review

My thoughts

Gold Collagen hydrogel mask does what it says on the tin – hydrates the skin really well! It’s my perfect Saturday morning treat. After I’ve had a shower and cleansed my face, I allow myself 30-40 minutes of me time. At first it feels cooling and then is simply relaxing. After removing the mask, it leaves the skin soft and moisturised so well, that I don’t even need to put cream on my face.

Hydrogel mask by Gold Collagen - Blogger's Review

Dr Sara Sibilia, Head of Clinical Trials at Minerva Research Labs comments:

“We are excited to launch our first ever topical product: the GOLD COLLAGEN® HYDROGEL MASK. Taking inspiration from Korean beauty rituals, this hydrogel face mask revolutionises the topical delivery system of traditional face masks. GOLD COLLAGEN® now offers the perfect combination of products to support skin health from the inside and out.”

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