Green algae chlorella – a secret to young-looking skin

From supermodels Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to TV stars Millie Mackintosh and Jennifer Aniston, the green algae supplement chlorella hasn’t been far from celebrities lips over the last few years. It appears however, following discoveries in a recent study, there’s more to the algae’s skin benefits than simply celebrity anecdotes and that we could all get superstar skin by adding a little bit of it to our lives…

A recently published study looked at the potential cosmetic benefits of different types of chlorella and revealed some surprising results, which support celebrity claims that the algae could give you a glowing complexion. Some of the chlorella tested contained powerful anti-oxidants, molecules that are seen to combat oxygen free radicals (one of the main culprits thought to be behind aging skin and a result of everything from pollution to stress). What was far more exciting however was the discovery that some chlorella had an ability to inhibit an enzyme called elastase. Elastase acts to break down a protein found in our skin called elastin.

When discussing skin and aging, collagen is often the main topic of conversation, but elastin plays an equally important role in keeping our skin looking young. Whilst collagen provides the skin with its firmness, elastin gives it its elasticity and an ability to rebound when pinched or pulled. Less elastin means less elasticity, which leads inevitably to skin sagging and wrinkles. By inhibiting the elastase enzyme, which breaks down elastin, chlorella could provide a powerful tool to help our skin stay young, although no one can promise this means you’ll get supermodel looks!

History of algae

Chlorella is taken globally by around 10 million people every day and is the single most popular green food supplement taken in Japan – one of the healthiest nations on earth, with people expected to remain in good health longer than anywhere else, an amazing 76 years! The microscopic freshwater single-cell green algae dates back approximately 540 million years.

Sun Chlorella products available in the UK

Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella is one of the world’s leading brands and produce chlorella which can be taken from the inside out, in the form of tablets and granules, or the outside in, in the form of a chlorella facial moisturiser.

One of the reasons Sun Chlorella stands out from the other products on the market is that the fact they use a DYNO®-Mill process, which breaks down the cell walls of the algae (without the use of heat or chemicals which can reduce the quality of the chlorella) to ensure when you use either of their products you’re getting the most nutrients possible.

Where to find?

Available directly from the supplier website or health stores nationwide, such as Blue Herbs, Body Kind, Revital and others.



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