Wedding outfit inspiration for the groom that is marrying abroad

If you are lucky enough to be getting married abroad you are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your groom outfit. Many couples choose to marry abroad because they do not necessarily have to follow the normal rules. For example, it is far more acceptable for the couple not to go down the “big dress and formal three piece suit” route.

Smart chinos

It is even possible for the groom to wear a good-quality pair of smart chinos, like the ones you see here with a nice shirt. It is a far less formal look that a lot of modern couples prefer. If the groom wants to look a little smarter he can easily wear a pair of chinos that have been cut to look like formal trousers and add a blazer to his outfit.

Get local - wedding abroad

Go local

Another option is to adopt the local style of wedding attire. This approach is becoming increasingly popular. In some countries, it is possible to hire what you need. However, if you want to take this approach you have to be careful and do a lot of research. Unless you know someone in the location you are marrying in, or are using a professional wedding planner, you run the risk of something going horribly wrong.

If you do want to dress in the local style, a far better approach is to do some research and get your wedding outfit made in your home country. In big cities, you can sometimes find outfitters that specialise in providing wedding attire for local expat communities. Often, they will stock what you need.

Sometimes you can also buy what you need online, but make sure you start the shopping process months in advance. There are several examples of groom attire from across the globe, on this page.

Beach style wedding - bride and groom

Beach wedding outfits

A lot of couples who marry abroad opt to get married on the beach. If you are planning to do that you can potentially get away with wearing a high-quality Hawaiian or Cuban shirt and a pair of smart chinos, or even shorts if you prefer.

Lightweight linen suits also work really well for this type of weddingя. They have a casual smart vibe going on and because they are made from cotton are super comfortable to wear. The only problem is that this type of fabric tends to crease, so you will have to pack it carefully and make sure that you can get your suit pressed at your destination.

Themed weddings

If you and your bride want to theme your wedding, one way is to dress as characters from your favourite movie or era. Some wedding boutiques, especially those in places like Vegas, will provide you with the props you need. However, not all of them do, so be careful to pick a theme or characters that are not too elaborate. The last thing you need is to have to check two extra suitcases just so you can fit your wedding outfits in.

Whatever type of wedding attire you choose to wear, take the time to try everything on together to make sure it all fits. As the groom, you really do want to look your very best, which means paying attention to even the smallest details.



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