The ultimate guide to throwing an excellent party in London

It’s no secret that Londoners know how to throw some of the best parties. With this beautiful city as a backdrop, there are so many fun possibilities. I’m sure you’ve been to more than one of those amazing events which leave you raving about it for days. But what if it is your turn to organise one?

No worries. I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re launching your own brand, new range of products or the company you work in is celebrating an achievement, these tips will help you throw an excellent party – the London way.

Party theme

Deciding on a theme is one of the first things you need to know. It will directly affect your choice of venue, decoration and dress code. People like a cool dress code challenge to break up the daily routine, so think out of the box – Hollywood glam, Cuban chic or even Marbella pool party.

Lounge area at The Gallery at Lumiere, London

The right venue

Ideally you want the venue to make a statement, to have a top location and to work with your party theme. You may want your guests to enjoy a spectacular view over the Thames, or have a stylish evening in a converted warehouse. Whatever the case, it’s wise to find one of the best drinks reception venues with its own catering team so you can focus on the rest of the party to organise. This means that along with the venue, you will have the equipment and the team sorted.

Unique cocktails menu with your name on it

Unique menu

A good catering company will offer you a unique menu tailored for your party. They can even name a few of the cocktails after your brand and add some new ingredients for an intriguing twist. Don’t forget to have healthy but delicious snacks that no-one can stay away from.

Invite a DJ

You can’t have a memorable quiet party, so pump up the volume . It’s not advisable to rely on your home playlist, no matter how good you think it is. Find a professional DJ and share your ideas and the main party theme. The person behind the decks will know how to entertain your guests and when to get them on their feet.

Event gift bags

Gift bags

Don’t let your happy guests leave empty handed. Stay longer in their memories and Instagram feed by giving them a goodie bag to take home. It’s a nice way to say ‘Thank you for coming’ too. You can include some delicious snacks in the bags or little samples of your company products. You may even find sponsors or pre-order handmade accessories with your company name on them.

Now you have your ultimate guide and the list for your party is ticked off, you can concentrate on putting the whole thing on an invite and sending it to the right people.



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