Hair Talk

Here comes the sunshine… We almost saw it for a few days and by the time we got all excited, clouds covered it up. This might be the case here in London, but most of us are getting ready for a summer getaway (at least one).

Hard to admit it, but I need to take some special care of my hair. It misses the sunshine, but I also have to prepare it for a hotter and drier climate. Here is what I’m planning…

Before I go away on a holiday, I’m going to cut off the edges. Although I do enjoy having such a long hair, it’s become too difficult for me to handle and keep well moisturized. Before the hot Bulgarian sun hits it, I’ll make it a much shorter length. I’m thinking of something like a longer bob keeping my natural colour. I’ll still be able to make it messy and add some curls, when I feel like.


During the holiday I’m expecting to experience lots of heavy sun, salty sea water, sand, chlorinated pool water and even more sunshine. To add, I’ll be washing my hair quite more often than usual, so I’ll have to give it some extra love and treat it with good products. After all, you’ll be checking me out at my blog and I need to look my best! 🙂

Here are my best finds and what I’m planning to get my hands on before I go away:

Hair Talk, Plans for my Summer Gataway - The Blog of one

  1. The Kérastase shampoo with a luxury touch and strong after sun formula is designed to prevent chlorine and salt from building up.
  2. Another Kérastase shampoo which is designed for after sun treatment and repair, but also allows daily use without damaging the hair.

The Brand: Kérastase have been a leading brand in the hair beauty industry for over 40 years. It is the brand of choice for hair care professionals all over the world, and is designed to give you full control of shine and volume, and help you achieve unbeatable, professional results at home.

I’ve been looking for these two super heroes and I found them on the Regis Salon website. I noticed that at the moment they even have an offer if you buy two products from the brand – which makes the holiday hair treatment even easier.

Hair Talk, Plans for my Summer Gataway - The Blog of one

Have you used the Kérastase after sun shampoos before? What’s your opinion on them?

And what do you think of the hair style I’m going for? I’d love to hear if you’re making some hair changes for the summer as well. 🙂