3 must-does to protect your car in a heatwave

When it is hot for a prolonged period, your car can really suffer. Since so few motorists have garages these days, cars become exposed to the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) light as well as high temperatures. What should you do to help to protect your car?

Service the car air conditioning

Air conditioning is essential for feeling comfortable in your car during a hot spell. If you cannot drive with your windows open – for example, on a motorway – then you’ll need air-con to be able to remain alert at the wheel. Therefore, have your system serviced and re-pressurised if necessary. All air-con systems lose pressure over time which means they work less effectively. Replace any sections of it which have become loose and that allow gas to escape.

Car air conditioning in a heatwave

Check the tyres

UV light can degrade the rubber in your tyres. You might notice this as series of circular scratches on your tyres’ sidewalls. Also, bulges may start to appear over the course of a sunny summer. Your tread could also become damaged by bitumen which liquefies from the tarmac in the road during hot conditions. If you see such damage, then obtain new ones as soon as possible. Leading brands of car tyres can be booked online in Essex at Jet Wheel Tyre which means you can obtain the type you prefer in advance. If you drive on sun-damaged tyres, then you can expect to have a blowout or to lose control when cornering.

Driving your car in a heatwave

Avoid heat build up

When you park in a sunny spot, the air temperature inside your car will rise dramatically. You should lock your doors and do your windows up, of course, but this will mean your car interior becomes something of a greenhouse. Use a fold-out windscreen sun protector to keep the heat off your steering wheel and dashboard. Sun shades are also advisable for rear windows, especially if you have a child’s booster seat fitted. Open your car doors and tailgate for a few minutes before you get in and – best of all – try to park in a shaded location in the first place.



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