Home decoration ideas using organic materials

As a big fan of contrasting textures, of mixing soft with masculine finishes, the growing trend of using natural materials for home interior clings with my personal aesthetics. Interior design shows in London and Milan over the last couple of years have been introducing simplicity through everyday objects by putting polished stone against rough brick work, grass next to recycled wood.

It’s a simple yet sophisticated way to bring the outside in, which allows us to decorate our home in relation to nature. Here I have a few popular trends to get you inspired for your next home decoration project…

Copper and Brass

If you’re tired of the clinical feel that stainless steel and chrome provide, it’s time to indulge in the luxury warmth of copper and brass. The eye catching tones of these metals provoke designers to explore the ways they can bring them to our homes. Polished or matte, a copper coffee table or a set of brass bowls will surely add a touch of glamour to your home, recalling the Art Deco era.

Home decoration ideas using organic materials, Clarkenwell Design Week 2015: Copper coffee tables

Photo taken by Balgarka @ Clarkenwell Design Week 2015


Slowly but surely marble is making a return in furniture design, carrying its associations for luxury. Taking old fashioned dining tables to the next level, interior designers dining room ideas involve full kitchen ensembles. They also use marble as a base of reading lamps, candle holders and many other daily objects. Crafting this sophisticated material for comfort products that we use daily, gives a contemporary take on our dwellings.

Home decoration ideas using organic materials, Homify designer: MARMI DI CARRARA

Photo credit to MARMI DI CARRARA @ Homify


One of the most appealing characteristics of wood as a material is its versatility. Whether you choose oak, walnut or birch, new technology allows craftsmen to keep the grain visible for a more rustic appeal, whilst pushing boundaries and creating new shapes. From kitchen ware with organic feel to engineered wood light shades – there are many exciting ways to enjoy the natural qualities of wood in our homes.

Home decoration ideas using organic materials, Clarkenwell Design Week 2015: Wooden Lampshades

Photo taken by Balgarka @ Clarkenwell Design Week 2015

Living plants

The concept of using fresh herbs in the kitchen is anything but new, yet we all got inspired by the hipster movement for healthy lifestyle and super food on our menu. Started by local organic coffee shops, now many people easily recreate the living herb wall at home. Whether you prefer a more rustic look or a minimalist finish of the pots, nothing can beat the freshly chopped organic basil in your homemade salad. It’s sustainable, delicious and ultra modern!

Home decoration ideas using organic materials, Frecsa Coffee House: Herb Wall

Photo taken by Balgarka @ Frecsa Coffee House, Newbury, Designed by Another Cup

Home decoration ideas

I hope I’ve inspired you to surround yourself with more natural materials and textures at your next home decoration. Fill your house with intricate interior details and you will surely impress your next dinner guests.