House of Solo – new magazine that talks about art and fashion

Whilst I’m trying to catch the late afternoon sun comfortably stretched out on a secret beach I know from my childhood, I browse through the pages of a magazine. House of Solo – the very first issue of a new print media dedicated to art and fashion which brings me back to London and its creative stage.

From the first pages I find that this is not your mainstream read. The glossy photoshopped actors from dreamland have been replaced by real people who have real stories to tell, with uncovered flaws and fiercely daring in what they do. The magazine editor-in-chief is filmmaker and fashion photographer Abeiku Arthur, partnered with Molly-Anne Chinner as a fashion editor and a list of independent contributors. It’s written by the artists who breathe and live the British creative spirit!

House of Solo magazine - reading time on the beach

Magazine layout

Stylish prints in black and white that cover the 100+ pages of this issue, suggest contemporary minimalism. The layout follows those lines with its clean format, compact articles and full size vibrant photography. The thick matt pages give a feel of luxury to the fingertips. The photographs take over the text, yet there is enough read to occupy the mind with various topics. The reader can expect to be introduced to the creative areas of London, to emerging fashion entrepreneurs from around the country, to the world of fashion from designers and stylists point of view.

House of Solo tone

Not sure if the relation is intended, but I catch myself thinking of Star Wars Corellian Empire and a king from the House of Solo family who eliminated direct rule and initiated democratic reforms. In a similar manner the House of Solo magazine gives equality to diversity, and a voice to the artists walking those streets from where British experimental fashion emerges.

Provocative pages filled with brave photography of professional models, immaculate styling and sharp language challenge the reader, and reveal a world of fashion not for the profane consumer, but for those with a sense for art and an open mind. Expect to meet young entrepreneurs and artists who speak freely about their creative projects and how they’ve used their own life challenges to persue a dream career.

House of Solo magazine - first issue photo shoot House of Solo magazine - first issue article House of Solo magazine - first issue back cover House of Solo magazine - first issue front cover

Where to find?

House of Solo is written by the talents who shape the ever-changing fashion stage of Britain – photographers, fashion designers, illustrators and other creators. Available in print and digital.

You can find the magazine and join its growing audience on social media:

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I was sent the prototype of House of Solo’s first issue by a fellow blogger and one of the magazine contributors – the writer of Missy May blog, to check for myself and share my thoughts on the media.



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