Why house staging works when you want to sell a property

In the not so distant past, only the owners of large properties bothered to stage their homes before they put them up for sale. Now many ordinary homeowners are doing it as well. They are, increasingly realising the benefits of house staging when selling a property.

Staged properties sell faster

Typically, homes that are staged sell faster than those that are not. How much faster depends on local property market conditions, but in areas where the property market is slow, the impact is considerable.

The houses that look the best attract the few buyers that are out there, so they still tend to sell in weeks rather than languish on the market for months. Typically, the longer a property stays on the market the less it sells for.

Sell for more

A recent survey carried out by the National Association of Realtors, in the US showed that 51% of real estate agents felt that staged homes sold for more money.

OK, so that explains why it makes sense to stage the property that you are trying to sell. Now let’s look at why it is such an effective marketing tool.

It helps prospective buyers to see a property’s potential

Many people find it hard to visualise. When they enter a house, they tend to see only what is in front of them. It is difficult for them to imagine what a property would look like once it has been decorated and furnished to their tastes.

If the rooms they see are old-fashioned and look small because there is too much furniture and clutter, all they will see is a dingy, small house. They simply will not be able to see the potential.

Good staging solves this problem because it shows each area of the house in the best light. Prospective buyers do not need to try to imagine how nice their new home could be because they can already see it with their own eyes.

It creates aspirational feelings

People want to progress in life. They want something better, and this is especially the case when it comes to their home.

If you show someone a crisp, clean, modern property with all the latest features, the chances are they are going to want to live in it. They are therefore far more likely to make an offer.

People are visual creatures

People are visual creatures

What we see always overrides everything else. Your real estate agent can tell a prospective buyer how wonderful having a big yard is, but if all they see is a tangled mass of weeds they will not be convinced. Instead, of visualising the kids playing on the lawn most people will be imagining themselves having to go out there and spend hours digging up all of those weeds and maintaining the garden.

Makes sure that your home looks good online

These days, most property buyers do not go straight to the real estate office. Instead, they browse online looking for properties that catch their eye. If your home looks good in those photos, you will get plenty of people taking the next step and booking an appointment to view.

Staging a home is often not as expensive or time-consuming as you think. If you want to find out more about how to do it, find some simple tips for house staging here.


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