Top five housewarming gift ideas for your house-proud friends

People tend to entertain a lot more during the winter. It’s usually too cold to go for picnics or day trips, so a lot of the time you spend with friends and family ends up focusing around the home.

Whether you’re worried about turning up empty handed, or your friends have just moved in and you’d like to get them a cool housewarming gift, hopefully the following list will give you a few ideas for what to take with you.

Homemade terrariums

Terrariums are tiny gardens contained within jars, vases, glass balls and so on, and they’re not only easy to make, but particularly good if you’re on a budget after the financial stresses of Christmas. They add colour and vibrancy to space whilst oxygenating the room, and because you can pick up a huge variety of suitable vases in most high street shops these days, you can ensure that it perfectly matches their current décor. You can find a full guide on how to create one of these here.

Personal canvas prints

If it appears that your friend’s home is missing that personal touch, and they have very little artwork around the place, canvas prints are a great way of giving them something they need, whilst making it fun. Whether it’s a photograph of them and their partner that you’ve had blown up, or a photograph of you and the gang on a previous holiday abroad, this sentimental gift is always guaranteed to go down a storm.

Soft furnishings

When someone first moves into their new home, they usually spend so much money on large, expensive items, that they can’t afford to add the little touches that make a house a home. One way you could help them out is to buy them some soft furnishings, such as furry throws and plush cushions. Not only is it something they’ll truly appreciate and be able to make instant use of, but they’re relatively inexpensive to pick up. My advice would be to take a look in the January sales and try to get some matching items.

Something for the office

If your friend has a home office, buying them some quirky stationary, desk organisersleather journals, or a personalised desk calendar are all great ideas that will help to make their space more fun. You’ll not only be giving them a lovely housewarming gift, but a creativity boost at the same time.

Housewarming gift ideas: Champagne flute - Personalised at Pippins

Champagne flute – Personalised at Pippins

A set of celebration glasses

Finally, if your house-proud friends are keen to show off their new place to all, then picking them up a good quality set of celebration glasses is the ideal gift. If they’re into their prosecco, pick up some champagne flutes, or if they prefer cocktails, how about martini glasses? Whatever their tipple of choice, some chic new glassware will be welcomed with open arms.

Did this blog post give you a little inspiration for housewarming gift ideas? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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