How to accessorise your favourite blazer

The blazer is a classic jacket that we all have come to know and love. Rather than being the exclusive outfit for tea at the country club, your blazer can be worn in a number of ways, Here are a few ideas to inspire you in your
search for a unique look.

The Cosmopolitan chic look

Folding your shirt cuffs over the blazer sleeves gives you a colourful casual look, and with chunky silver jewellery from , who happen to be one of the leading online silver jewellery retailers, you can source some loop earrings and a chunky silver bracelet to complete the look. Pencil pants work with this look, as does a pencil skirt, and grey is the ideal shade, with perhaps a pink or light blue blouse.

Patterned blazer

Patterned blazer

Wearing a patterned blazer adds depth and texture to any outfit, ideal for smart casual events, and with a few silver bangles and a nice handkerchief in the breast pocket, is a finishing touch. Silver is the right material to wear with a blazer, and with online silver jewellery outlets, you can browse a large selection of silver items, all of the best quality. Tartan is a great pattern, and with the right silver jewellery and a scarf, your outfit has both depth and colour. Designer sunglasses make for a look of sophistication, along with a shoulder bag, giving you a cultured, well-manicured look.

Summer blazers

If you have a couple of light coloured blazers in your wardrobe, they can be worn to good effect, and by experimenting with blouses and trousers, you will find a combination that works for you. Wearing a blazer on top of a summer dress is ideal for that extra autumn warmth, and silver makes for best jewellery to accessorise a summer blazer. Here are a few great blazer fashion ideas to give you some idea of what can be achieved.

Rolled up sleeves blazer

The casual look

Rolling up the sleeves of your blazer and adorning your arms with silver bangles is definitely what you would see at St. Tropez at the end of the summer, and your favourite denim jeans make for the perfect combination. Wearing a belt allows you to show off that hourglass figure, and with denim jeans and some light brown hiking boots, you have a smart, casual look that wouldn’t look out of place at any social function. The blazer is ideal for the autumn days when it is starting to get a little cold,and it can be removed, should you get too hot.

Lots of fashion-conscious girls shop for second-hand blazers, and if you are looking for some extra warmth at the end of the summer, the blazer is the perfect solution. From formal grey to pastel colours, a blazer can become a great accessory, and with the right silver jewellery, you will look casual in a sophisticated way. If you already own a couple of blazers, try some of the ideas in this article, which are only a few examples of how a blazer is best worn.


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