How to blend vintage and antique jewellery for a modern look

Before we delve into mixing vintage and antique jewellery, it should be pointed out that the line between the two can be very fine, indeed, it can be almost unrecognisable. Strictly speaking, an antique piece of jewellery is at least one hundred years old, while a vintage item could be anything from 20-100 years old, and different dealers will have their own interpretations of both antique and vintage.

If you’ve been wondering how you can combine them for your daily looks, I’ve pulled together a few guidelines for you.

Trust your inner feelings

As you are the one who will wear those vintage earrings with that antique diamond necklace, it really only matters how you feel about the combination. If you are looking for some inspiration, a little browse on Pinterest is bound to offer some creative jewellery combination ideas, or a look through the many online fashion magazines might yield some ideas.

Layered vintage necklaces

Layering necklaces

A very popular way to integrate vintage and high quality antique jewellery is to layer several necklaces to bring a new dimension to your look. A choker, for example, can be worn with an antique pendant necklace to give you a multi-layered look that includes a splash of colour. Getting the lengths right is essential, if you want to achieve a balanced and uncluttered look, and with a shorter piece that sits nicely above the natural necklace line, you are making a unique fashion statement.

Antique and vintage rings

Both can be worn at the same time, and even on the same hand, which will most certainly give you a one-of-a-kind style. Silver can be mixed with gold, while diamonds also look good in the company of other, less precious stones, and combining large and small stones gives a cool edge. There are some more good ideas online on how to integrate different jewellery styles for you to have a look.

Wearing a brooch

Brooches and badges

A vintage brooch works nicely with the right outfit and with jade, ruby or emerald, it adds some subtle colour to any outfit. An antique cameo brooch of the art deco period can be worn with just about any outfit, and by searching the collections of online antique dealers, you can view many vintage and antique jewellery pieces, before making a decision.

The Bedroom mirror

This is a fail-safe way to experiment with vintage and antique jewellery combinations and with a little trial and error, you will soon see for yourself what works and what does not. Aside from looking at yourself in a full-length mirror, this is the time when a best friend’s opinion can really count. There are, of course, those who will say it matters not what others think, only that you feel comfortable with the look, and while there is some truth to that, it is wise to ask for a second opinion, especially if you suspect you might have overdone things a little.

It will help you to categorise your jewellery items into ones you wear regularly and those you rarely wear. Some older pieces might need a good clean or even some repair, but with a little care and attention, you might find that some jewellery items that you forgot you had, can be effectively blended with some of your fresh outfits.