How to wear the Neon trend

{OOTD – Outfit Of The Day}

I’ve been a black/grey monochrome girl for ages. I never liked any fancy bold bright or whatever colours. I guess it was left from my teenage years of a grunge rock wave.

Recently, I started experimenting with colours. And this year I’ve changed! All in a sudden, there was no trace any more from all my black tops and T-shirts. My wardrobe got full of white tops and some colours started sneaking into it.

I love it! I love colours now. I love mixing bold colours, wearing soft pastels or super bright neons. I realized I’m still that shy girl sometimes, but once you put a fabulous outfit with pink neon super high heels, you can’t be shy – of course you’ll get attention and people will stare at you. Then, act like a star! 🙂

So, here are my tips on how to wear NEONS

My main motto here is: Don’t go totally fully in neons, only pick one colour and use it as an accent. Otherwise you will end up looking a bit like a traffic light sign, or maybe even the traffic light post.

I found these fabulous pair of super high grey heels with NEON PINK mesh detail just by accident. What I did for this outfit – used them with the same tone of grey jeans to blend and make my legs look longer, so the pink can stand out even better.

I didn’t put any more accessories in the same neon, but actually calmed it down with a coral top and earrings. Using a bit of softer colour makes the whole outfit very bold with Spring mood, without getting too crazy.

A light use of jewelry – one long necklace to brake the solid colour of the jumper. A white top under the jumper. And that’s it! 🙂

If I wasn’t wearing the coral jumper, I’d probably stay with the white top and would put a pin neon long necklace – to accompany the heels. I wouldn’t go with too many items or mix the neons. It might be super bold, but still trying to keep it simple.

Outfit Items:
Earrings from SuperDrug
Jumper from a shop in Bulgaria – I love those local unbranded boutiques
T-Shirt from Bershka
Necklace (don’t remember where I bought it, sorry)
Denim from Dorothy Perkins
Black clutch
Heels from Office